Chip crisis: According to Volkswagen, the situation will return to normal in two years

“The structural shortage of semiconductors in the market is unlikely to be resolved until 2024,” said Volkswagen Group CFO Arno Antlitz. After the (hopefully already definitive) end of the coronavirus crisis, it was expected that chip deliveries would resume, but the gateway error – the problem still persists. When will the situation calm down? At … Read more

ACE Porsche 356 Speedster Hot Rod Replica

The Porsche 356 is considered the first real model of this German brand, so it is of course expensive (price around ten million crowns) and rare. So rare that I accepted an offer for a ride with a “replica” (I’ll explain those quotes below), specifically from Pilsen Atom Car Engineering with thirty years of experience … Read more

Second-hand pocket rockets: The calm power of the VW Polo GTI against the wilder Ford Fiesta ST

Despite downsizing trends, the Volkswagen Polo GTI has a strong supercharged 18-year-old and remains a classic. I love manual transmissions and was really looking forward to Polo. So how do you live with the little GTI? Will it stand up to a well-tuned Fiesta ST with a 16-year-old ecoboost? Which of them would I choose … Read more