Ukrainians take refuge in a Hungarian village famous for its brandy

An icy wind is blowing outside the windows, but in a small house in the Hungarian village of Panyola, about thirty kilometers from the Ukrainian border, the weather is fine. The heat comes from the old tiled stoves in the bathroom. The wrap is dried on a hanger. It does not belong to the two-month-old … Read more

Fiala condemned Zeman’s mercy towards Balak: Extremely unhappy! But what else can surprise you from the Château…

News Flash: What was your immediate reaction when you learned that Milos Zeman decided to pardon the head of the forest administration of Lány, Miloš Balák? Did it shock you, or didn’t it surprise you too much? Petr Fiala: “It’s a good question, because what else can surprise a person of the Castle over the … Read more

Putin wants to show that Russia is a world power, according to political geographers – ČT24 – Česká televize

Before the war, Vladimir Putin claimed he was not going to attack Ukraine and then hinted that conflict was inevitable. Romancov thinks we still haven’t heard the real reason the Russians started the war. The geographer does not believe that the reasons given by the Kremlin are true. He thinks Putin’s motives are political and … Read more

Putin in Ukraine might not win. But the West can easily defeat itself

The debate on the American base has shown that we are incapable of teaching. For the populist Babiš, the foot of an American soldier on Czech soil would be a greater danger than Putin’s war rockets, which cross the sky of Ukraine a few hundred kilometers from our borders. We celebrate Easter, the feast of … Read more

To the chagrin of their fathers, the children of the Kremlin love life in the West

Their world is a world of luxury residences, yachts, jets and elite schools. While their parents are fighting against the West, the children of Russian oligarchs are enjoying life there, warns CNN. “We are seeing extreme hypocrisy. And they probably don’t even realize it. They don’t see the difference between Russia and the West. He … Read more

China is a staunch ally of Russia. He is silent on atrocities in Ukraine

A week ago, drastic images from the Ukrainian town of Buča emerged. After the retreat of the Russian army, the bodies of shot civilians were found on the spot, some of them, for example, with their hands tied. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský at least 300 civilians lost their lives in the city. However, … Read more

Belarus: Morgues and hospitals are full of Russian soldiers

One Hundred Thousand Mazyr in the Gomel (Russian) region of Gomel in southern Belarus is some 45 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. By March 3, the local morgue was no longer filled with dead Russian soldiers. A Russian field hospital has sprung up in the nearby town of Naroulja. They airlift soldiers wounded in the … Read more

Rosgvardija aka National Guard: Putin’s personal army now goes after Ukrainians instead of protesters

In 2016, Vladimir Putin formed the National Guard of the Russian Federation as his personal army. He put his longtime bodyguard and then security chief Viktor Zolotov in the lead. He met him when he was young, when he was deputy mayor of Saint Petersburg; they were united by, among other things, judo. “It’s such … Read more

How can I harm Putin? Drive less, fuel less

Russia is committing heinous war crimes in Ukraine. If we are prepared to modify ourselves little or not, we will help the crushed country a great deal. What can I do to stop this? What can I do to help Ukraine? One of the questions I hear people send me every day. No wonder, every … Read more

Roman Abramovich: Details of life and his relationship with Putin

Roman Abramovich’s ancestors were Jews, who fled from Soviet Ukraine to Russia during World War II. Both of little Abramovich’s parents died in the early years, so he was raised by his uncle in the oil town of Saratov in northern Russia. He left school at the age of 16, according to the BBC, he … Read more