I see Skyler’s character as a Renaissance woman!

Skyler returns to the Street series after a hiatus. Portrayed by actress Michelle Hansen. How was it for her to take on the role of Sara Sandeva? And what does that have to do with this character? You will find out in the interview. In the video you will find out what Skyler does. How … Read more

What will the new The Elder Scrolls: Online expansion bring?

One of the most played MMORPGs in recent years, an inexhaustible number of tasks and a wonderful world that we know from all single-player games. He is The Elder Scrolls Online. We had the opportunity to participate in a presentation on the planned expansion with a subtitle high islandwho according to creative director Rich Lambert, … Read more

She stayed for the people. The Ukrainian presenter spoke about the show from a secret location

Magic against war. Ukrainian witches prepare a ritual to overthrow Putin Some journalists and technicians, especially those with young families, fled the bombardments, so the television stations did not have enough staff. The risk of the studio being hit by the bomb was also high, so rival media outlets decided to join forces to ensure … Read more

Even in the middle of the night, I’ll tell you what a sled or a hat

Creative producer Lenka Szántó got caught up in national handball work. Excellent actors, a screenplay by Michal Suchánek and the principles of Green Filming. Not only are these the reasons why she literally fell in love with her work on the handball miniseries. According to her, what news are we most looking forward to? And … Read more

Bohemia Interactive Fully Introduces Enfusion Engine

Studio Bohemia Interactive fully featured today a new game engine called Enfusion. We’ve heard about it many times in the past, most recently a few months ago when the first official screenshots were released, and the new engine’s rendering and animation techniques can be found in DayZ Survival for many years. But a proper introduction … Read more