Dousková, Irena: Konec dobrý –

Irena Dousková’s new collection of short stories is among the titles nominated for this year’s Magnesia Litera awards in the prose category. In the book, we examine the turning points in the lives of ordinary people embedded in different historical events. Different people at different times, with different points of view and different lives. However, … Read more

Jan Hus vs. Sigismond of Luxembourg or myths and roots of Czech history

“If it works, it works”, Wenceslas IV could ironically sigh. in the early hours of 1400, which indicated that in the years of ecclesiastical and secular crisis no improvement could be expected even in the new century. Conflicts with Brother Sigismund, exacerbated by armed conflict, and Václav’s brief internment also did not contribute to a … Read more

Henry VIII’s six-fingered wife in love. got rid of it in his own way. However, his execution did not go without royal disgrace

Although Anna Boleyn was born in a noble family, the royal family was still far from hers. Nevertheless, her father had relatively big plans with her, and this required a good upbringing and upbringing. After that, his parents sent him first to Holland and then to France. She was given a good foundation so that … Read more

A war crime unprecedented in history. Katyn is also shaping relations in the current conflict in Ukraine

When we look at the reaction of non-participating states to the current war in Ukraine, we can speak of a global consensus. With the exception of Orbán’s Hungary, all the countries of the European Union and NATO surprisingly speak with one voice. However, one nation holds radical rhetoric towards the Russian Federation led by Vladimir … Read more

The Czech Who Took Manhattan to New York: Marcel Jinoch on Living the American Dream and Seeing Celebrities Every Day!

After a difficult start, he trained after two years and began working for the most successful catering group in the USA, the Tao group, in a very good restaurant in Manhattan, where he became the head bartender. But then came the covid. So he started making videos about mixing drinks and thanks to them, he … Read more

Agatha Christie mysteriously disappeared as a character in her crime novel. What happened and why didn’t she even know her own husband?

The world’s first lady of crime novels was born in September 1890 in England, and as the daughter of a better family at the time, she was first educated at home and later sent to her by her parents. study singing and French directly in Paris. While she definitely wasn’t lacking in musical talent, she … Read more

Forty years ago, British victory in the Falklands War led to the fall of Galtieri’s military regime

Falklands or Falklands? The dispute over the forgotten mountainous archipelago of the Falklands (according to Argentinians Malvinas), where 1,813 settlers tended an incredible 658,000 sheep, located about 480 kilometers off the coast of Argentina, Georgia from the South and South Sandwich Islands in the South Atlantic, has dragged on for centuries. From the 17th century, … Read more

Masha about the terror in Mariupol: the attack on the maternity ward knocks her son to the ground, her grandmother (87) lives in the basement

Stylist Máša described that before the war, thanks to the sea, there were a lot of vacationers in Mariupol, but after 2014 there was a decline. City dwellers also liked to go to the nearest villages, such as Melekyne or Bilosarayska kosa. “I spent all my childhood in the garden and the city park of … Read more

Incredible, I will play Augusta, Kousková can’t wait. Then to the professionals

Attending Augusta is the pinnacle of an amateur career. Immediately after, Sára Kousková evolves among the professionals. This season, he will most often play on the second European circuit, where he wants to score enough points to go directly to the Ladies European Tour. And further? She is already looking at Olympic Paris… “It would … Read more

Putin’s Educational Atlas: If All Countries Thinked Like Vladimir Vladimirovich

For example, the Turks might have a problem with such arguments, since much of Ukraine fell into their sphere of influence at the time of the greatest expansion of the Ottoman Empire. Their empire stretched from Mecca to almost kyiv, they owned much of North Africa, and they bit into Europe so badly that we … Read more