Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | Zábranský and Erat in the national team and Kometa: Libor is like a good slivovice

In Kometa, they created an axis of operation, which led the colossus from Brno to two titles in a row. One ran the cabin as a key striker, the other the whole club. Now Martin Erat (40) and Libor Zábranský (48) have met in the role of assistants to Finnish expert Kari Jalonen in the … Read more

I’d find things with the Sparta logo at home, Steelworker Crow captain says

He is preparing for his jubilee, the final tenth of his career. The jubilee will be stylish for Petr Vrán (37) from Třinec. In the fight for extra-league gold, he will face Sparta Prague, which he captained in the past. And who got rid of him three years ago. “Sparta have changed during this time, … Read more

Staff: There is a Lavi in ​​each team. Maybe the script was read to us by criminals

Madman Lavi is back, this time in a feature film. He is again played by Jakub Štáfek, who also participated in the film Vyšehrad as a director. Already during the series about Julia Lavický, he told how a “disguise”, that is, a weir to a blonde and clouds of tattoos, changed him. And even in … Read more

Hrubec on the conversation, which caused a stir, the war, the departure and the Russians

Everything changed from minute to minute. It flipped. Nothing was normal after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Are friends and comrades in the cabin suddenly enemies? “I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of Russian boys didn’t agree with the invasion,” says Simon Hrubec, who has a contract at Omsk for next year. But he … Read more

Tomšová brought Ostrava to the historic title: It’s like a dream. When did the turning point come?

Floorball keeper Veronika Tomšová (23) still can’t believe what FBC Ostrava did. In the emotional semi-final, Vítkovice was knocked from the floorball throne in a heated city derby, and from the first appearance in the Superfinal he won the championship title in front of almost eight thousand fans. “It still seems like a dream to … Read more

Miraculous Fruhvirt (16) before the BJK Cup: I have to beat the best

There was a “spring break” in the United States, a time when school children chose vacations and went to enjoy Florida. Linda Fruhvirt, 16, had fun there in her own way. At Hard Rock Stadium, an arena dedicated to American football, she knocked down Grand Slam champion Victoria Azarenka or world number 24 Elisa Martens. … Read more

Members’ final: Vrba will train, Krmenčík did not receive an invitation

On May 17, two days after the end of the FORTUNA: LEAGUE superstructure, the Doosan Arena in Pilsen will experience an extraordinary event. David Limberský will officially bid farewell to Viktorie’s shirt. The West Bohemian icon invited interesting players from the Golden Generation to a special match, with which the legendary defender achieved the greatest … Read more

Penalty proposal for Pelt: 9 years, 25 million. Grant’s Case Heads To The Finish Line

Lawyer Ondřej Trčka read his closing speech for two hours. The defendants of the defendants laughed several times on the bench opposite. However, when punishment suggestions were made, their customers got serious. The proposals are relatively sharp. Non-suspended sentences, without exception, for natural persons, ranging from five to ten years. In addition, a uniform ban … Read more

Youth? Shame on me! Jágr attracts Plekance, he also spoke about an MMA veteran

He distributed a lot of signatures, posing for joint photos. But above all, he advised. The most famous Czech hockey player is happy that this school of hockey talents applies the methods that have just helped him in his career. “I’m adapting it a bit to my image,” the 50-year-old icon said. Is this the … Read more

The hero Třinec Hrňa after the turn of dreams: it could have an impact on Boleslav

They chased the ghost of Kacetl from the goal, but hit hell. When Gašper Krošelj fantastically neutralized Erika Hrni’s shot in the 59th minute, the spectators cheered from the stands and were sure it was the cliché sweet icing on the Thursday cake, a stamp for the first semi-final victory -final. Was not. The video … Read more