What the government is hiding. Warning around Koudelka. The surprised boy

19.04.2022 4:44 | Analysis “Our real reserves are much smaller than the government in the area of ​​euthanasia,” commentator Petr Holec warns readers of ParlamentníchListů.cz. “Our economy would probably go into wartime rationing mode,” he said of the possibility of shutting down Russian gas. He also handles relations between the government, the media and the … Read more

“Lack of intelligence or pursuit of cheap popularity?”

The government has approved 4.5 billion crowns for the housing and integration of Ukrainian refugees in a secret regime. The iDnes.cz server pointed it out. The YES movement claims that this is why the state of emergency is dangerous, because the government can spend without restriction. How do you see the approval of the amount … Read more

The ODS is silent? Has the show disappeared? Things happen. Pavel Novotný left in the night

Bouřlivák Pavel Novotný (ODS), Mayor of Reporyja in Prague, launched on CNN Prima News. He repeatedly called the tricolor boss Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková a “broom”. Because of his approach to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. After the broadcast, he pointed out that he was behind his remarks, but he apologized to moderator Petr Suchoň for … Read more

Babiš knocked: Where will Fiala put the billions? Who? It’s bad

Andrej Babiš, former Prime Minister and President of the YES opposition movement, was the guest of Breakfast with Nova. “The government of Petr Fiala has secretly approved 4.6 billion for Ukrainian refugees. Why don’t they say where the money goes? And why don’t they give it to our people who pay it?” Babiš said on … Read more

Pekarova? Like Big. Learn from Orbán! Ukrainians and benefits. Cunek hard in her

“We will all be a bit poorer, we will all have problems. It is no different,” Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) said against the backdrop of the impending war in Ukraine. And according to Čunek, this statement is true: “I am convinced that we should have lost weight during the covid, and thank God many … Read more

The other refugees. Forgotten Afghans try to start a second life in the Czech Republic

A man in his fifties is dispatched to the workshop, where several Afghan women work on sewing machines and looms, to assume the role of spokesperson. He introduces himself as Ataullah. He is traditionally dressed in a long “shirt” padded below the knees, but he surprises with a very good Czech. “I studied at a … Read more

The four ladies in the game: a noisy squabble over the US base, quoted BRI’s Nemcova. And that was just the start…

survey Are you cutting off Russian gas and oil supplies? vote: 42024 people From the very beginning of the discussion, the ladies argued over whether to set up an American military base in the Czech Republic. “It just occurred to me. I want an American military base in the Czech Republic. I wanted it already … Read more

Ukrainian doctors could work as interns in the Czech Republic, but laws won’t change, Válek warns – ČT24 – Česká televize

According to the war, there are hundreds of doctors among the Ukrainian refugees. “I want to allow them very quickly to be able to work under the supervision and in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic and European legislation on services in all medical facilities, whether it is a nurse or a doctor … Read more

Ukrainians in the Czech Republic: the director of the primary school spoke about Ukrainian children

It hangs in the corridor hallway of Eden Primary School in Prague 10 puzzle in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and it says “Freedom to Ukraine”. In her office, school principal Jana Churáčková has a proposal on a flipchart, how to accept Ukrainian children. He immediately points out that this is an old schedule … Read more

Tons of food and adapters for children: Prague City Hall helps refugees from Ukraine

So far, 120 refugees have been accommodated in Prague 4. “Mothers with children in particular are now in the building of the former Horáčková kindergarten, in two dormitories in the city district and also in several apartments “, described Jiří Bigas, spokesperson for Prague 4. Prague 22 has found accommodation for 500 people from Ukraine. … Read more