Two thousand school psychologists. The state will start paying them in three years, but they can still miss out

Recent events, such as the covid epidemic or the war in Ukraine, have highlighted the need for school psychologists. However, the schools don’t get any money from the state, and the unclear funding is one of the reasons psychologists don’t play there. The Ministry of Education wants to pay for them from the state budget … Read more

Vesna Evans – Velvet Home Book Interview

It has been 30 years since she and her parents fled Sarajevo before the war. She was still a child, just like the main character in her new book, The Velvet Home. In it, writer Vesna Evans returns to Yugoslavia and Prague in the 1990s and describes what people fleeing tanks go through and experience. … Read more

Hrubec on the conversation, which caused a stir, the war, the departure and the Russians

Everything changed from minute to minute. It flipped. Nothing was normal after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Are friends and comrades in the cabin suddenly enemies? “I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of Russian boys didn’t agree with the invasion,” says Simon Hrubec, who has a contract at Omsk for next year. But he … Read more

Chilling testimony: Russians shot my husband then raped me in front of our son, says Ukrainian

There has been speculation in the past that Russian soldiers are aggressive and brutal outside the battlefield in war-torn Ukraine. Now, a specific case has been described by the British newspaper The Times. This one was given to a Ukrainian woman whose real name the editorial staff did not want to publish for security reasons, … Read more

Will the V4 war break out? Expert: Orbán should soften rhetoric, he suggests attitude towards sanctions

I would start with the atmosphere around V4. It may seem that it is collapsing a bit now, that it is losing some unity. How do you see it? The question is whether the Visegrad group was ever united. This was the case on some subjects, but certainly not on all, because Visegrad formed as … Read more

NYT: The war in Ukraine is discussed in European classes, children have many questions

Russia is big enough, why does it want another country? Why are most crazy men? Many of the questions that teachers in Europe must find answers to in relation to the war in Ukraine arise in the minds of students, and not just in the teaching of geography or history. Governments across Europe have drawn … Read more

Kill me, but leave the children, the Ukrainian said to the soldiers. She and her family found safety in the Czech Republic

Although Eastern Moravia is one of the places with the fewest refugees, thousands of them have also found a home here. Among the thousand and a half people who came from Ukraine to Uherské Hradiště is a family who had direct contact with Russian soldiers. “When they came to my house, I told them that … Read more