Ebra Returns Mega Autograph Session. A bunch of celebrities, only Pawlowska did not arrive. Glosa Iva Fencla

04/19/2022 Photo: Courtesy of Vráťa Ebr The description: Drawing after an invitation by Slávek Martenko The last month of March, I spent a few hours at the signature event at Café de Sainte Ludmila on Náměstí Míru. On the one hand, I timidly distributed the signatures, on the other hand, I collected the signatures myself. … Read more

At the cinema for rehabilitation. Comment by Štěpán Cháb

comment 04/15/2022 Photo: Warner Bros. The description: Pictured is Albus Dumbledore and his brother, their expression matches the spirit of the film exactly, helpless devotion I would like to continue, perhaps for the last time, our journey through Hollywood culture to the foothills metropolis of Šluknov. Namely, in Rumburk. We had twenty minutes before the … Read more

I had a pen, a typewriter and a telephone. And calls were made to Prague through the switchboard, recalls Pilsen journalist Jaroslav Nedbal

04/14/2022 Photo: Courtesy of West Bohemian Union of Journalists The description: illustrative photograph; book cover cutout pen, camera and microphone INTERVIEWS ON THE EDGE Does anyone interest you? Indeed, the journalist Jaroslav Nedbal, who joined the regional editorial office of the Ministry of Finance in Pilsen on October 1, 1970, asks questions throughout this interview. … Read more

About teenage issues, my brother called me an idiot afterwards. Album by Ondřej Suchy

04/09/2022 Photo: Courtesy of Ondřej Suchý The description: No, be careful, it was not like that at the time! It could have been the other way around, but my brother is a lifelong opponent of all forms of violence, so he punished me with one word. We arranged this photo at the request of the … Read more

Do you feel like a bad parent? It’s good. Let’s talk about education with the teacher

08/04/2022 Photo: Pixabay The description: Parents; This time, the article is dedicated to parenthood rather than education I know today’s article won’t get me a standing ovation, but I’ll write it anyway. Why? I want to support parents in their parenting efforts, which are constantly hampered by unsolicited advice from people who often don’t even … Read more

Métis as a definition of our justice. Comment by Štěpán Cháb

comment 04/04/2022 Photo: Hans Stembera The description: Stanislav Polcak Stanislav Polčák, the former vice-president of the STAN movement, meant almost eight million crowns to “recover” the compensation from the municipalities affected by the explosion of the ammunition depots in Vrbětice. Under pressure from the media, he waived the award, and eventually his law firm waived … Read more

Patrik Děrgel leaves the Golden Chapel. The former play chef’s acting mate has clear priorities

03/04/2022 Photo: Courtesy of Aerofilms – Martin Špelda The description: Patrik Dergel as Prince Lev Nikolayevich Myshkin in the movie The Idiot. “I think it’s time for a hero who does what he feels and says what he thinks to reappear in a society overwhelmed by overcorrection and alibiism,” said director Daniela Špinar, who, to … Read more

Sixteen years as a full-time factory. Anička d’Ulice revealed how to live a double life

02/04/2022 Photo: Courtesy of Stream The description: Ljuba Krbová on René Kekely’s talk show Face to Face HOT CHAIR Ljuba Krbová is not one of the actresses who would give interviews to meet. So when he speaks from time to time, there is something to talk about, something to remember and something to talk about. … Read more

“Dad, do you know how much toothpaste is in a tube? Three meters sixty! » Ondřej Suchý’s album

02/04/2022 Photo: Courtesy of Ondřej Suchý The description: From January 1, 1962, new hundreds of crowns began to be paid. They were valid until the early 1990s, they almost looked like that, just that you wouldn’t buy almost anything for that hundred. Even if you were David Copperfield. This week in the morning, Mr. Václav … Read more