Vesna Evans – Velvet Home Book Interview

It has been 30 years since she and her parents fled Sarajevo before the war. She was still a child, just like the main character in her new book, The Velvet Home. In it, writer Vesna Evans returns to Yugoslavia and Prague in the 1990s and describes what people fleeing tanks go through and experience. … Read more

Wealthy Ukrainians also arrived in expensive cars. And they take advantage of it. Filtered! Grandmother snatched the avalanche with her words. Very large

16.04.2022 12:22 | From the nets In Saturday’s interview with Právo, former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) said wealthy Ukrainians coming to the Czech Republic and receiving benefits “should be filtered out”. And came Šídl on Twitter that Babiš is also a wealthy migrant who has attracted considerable controversial grants. Patrik Nacher (YES) MEP cut … Read more

Home Sulická hosted disabled Ukrainian refugees

At the Home for the Disabled Sulická, which is being set up by the municipality, only people over the age of 16 can be accepted. Now, however, there is a Ukrainian customer who is 14 years old. Director of the house Lenka Kohoutová the emergency situation in particular helps, otherwise, the extraordinary income of people … Read more

“It’s not a Hilton, but it’s clean.” The family turns their house into an asylum, housing 14 Ukrainians

Life in the captured dormitories of the Burian family has been disrupted by the war in Ukraine. The couple with two children decided to offer asylum to people fleeing to the Czech Republic in their First Republic mill in the Prostějov region. He now spends most of his free time in offices, helping foreigners find … Read more