It’s not bad to be satisfied in front of a mirror, Matuš said. Lucia was shocked by the wood vibrator

Love, sex and suffering. Bohuš Matuš and his wife Lucinka will regularly give advice on all things love on the show Life in the Stars. And for the first time, we learned a lot of spiciness from them. The conversation came from the excitement of himself in front of a mirror, a hand-carved wooden dildo, … Read more

Single shaming: why society always condemns single people

Single shaming (this term can be translated as embarrassingly single) results from negative prejudices about people who do not have a partner. From the point of view of those assigned, they must be sad and lonely. They are actively looking, but have not yet found the right one or the right one. And there must … Read more

Agáta Hanychová talked about living with men: you don’t have to go crazy about it

Model Agata Hanychova accepted the presenter’s invitation Miluse Bittnerova for talk show Na kafeečko. She not only spoke on their new love, surgeon Andrei Nik, but also from his large family. The model has a total of thirteen siblings, while two of them, Marketa and Jana, were adopted by her mother Veronika Žilková. Miluška Bittner … Read more

Young people tend to love and be close. They are not very interested in sex in the period after covid

Humans are social creatures, so it makes sense that long-term separation from others increases stress, depression, and anxiety. This is also confirmed by last year’s “coronavirus” research from the Czech National Institute of Mental Health. Our society, like that of the United States, is slowly awakening from a long slumber of social isolation, characterized by … Read more

What if you have a different sexual desire in a relationship? When one wants more and the other less

If the relationship is romantic, the couple usually does not address sexual frequency. It is more than satisfactory and they enjoy it enough. Corn after about a year, the sexual frequency of the relationship decreases. In the years to come, certain situations could contribute to this. These are certainly stress, the birth of a child, … Read more

America’s relationship expert advises: how to recognize a manipulator and how to reject them

Friendship is like a social exchange. At least according to Suzanne Degges-White, professor at Northern Illinois University. According to her, common interests, values, beliefs and opinions can become indicators of the attractiveness of a relational investment. We slowly begin to relate to another person only when we share some form of belonging with them. The … Read more

Long term relationship without sex. Does it bother you if you have little sex?

Sex plays a different role in every relationship. For some, its frequency was low from the start, elsewhere it disappears over time. Therefore, it is IMPORTANT to look at the relationship from several angles and before saying so relationship without sex If you want to leave, you should find out the reasons for his loss. … Read more

How to stop thinking about the past? This method will help you

As humans, we are endowed with the ability to remember meaningful past experiences, a great capacity of our mind. But she is especially fascinated by traumas and unpleasant moments and leads us to relive them again and again, moreover slightly colored or inflated. And so we’re constantly spinning around in the circle of the past … Read more

Dating on Tinder – how to profit and not end up in someone’s cellar?

According to last year’s statistics nearly 60% of Czechs use dating apps. One of the most popular with us is Tinder. It’s being talked about a lot right now about the Netflix documentary premiere Tinder cheater; the story of Shimon Hayut, who, using a false identity on Tinder, fraudulently attracted huge sums of trusting single … Read more