Two thousand school psychologists. The state will start paying them in three years, but they can still miss out

Recent events, such as the covid epidemic or the war in Ukraine, have highlighted the need for school psychologists. However, the schools don’t get any money from the state, and the unclear funding is one of the reasons psychologists don’t play there. The Ministry of Education wants to pay for them from the state budget … Read more

Director: Ukrainian children hear a drill and hide under benches. Russian patrons and students help

What is the current situation in your school, how many Ukrainian students do you have? We currently have 39 students from Ukraine who have joined us in the last 2-3 weeks. It was then that we started to work with the refugees and tried to provide them with information on education. 40 children accompanied by … Read more

Scared children don’t want to go to school. Psychologists help, but they are few

You can also read the article in audio version. Children and teachers have yet to recover from endless distance learning, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine has arrived. And with it a wave of war refugees in Czech schools. School psychologists therefore have an invaluable role in schools. That is to say, only where they … Read more

How to stop thinking about the past? This method will help you

As humans, we are endowed with the ability to remember meaningful past experiences, a great capacity of our mind. But she is especially fascinated by traumas and unpleasant moments and leads us to relive them again and again, moreover slightly colored or inflated. And so we’re constantly spinning around in the circle of the past … Read more

Out of exhaustion, refugees act briefly, they need to calm down, describe psychologists

More than 50,000 Ukrainians have already passed through the Refugee Assistance Center in Prague. Klára Koutníková and Jan Remeš, psychologists from the Prague fire service, also help them at the Congress Centre. People who haven’t slept in a few days and have come a long way can reflect, they say. Above all, they need to … Read more

Ukrainians feel anxious and scared, children have trauma, describe psychologists

Anxiety, fear for the future, concern for relatives in Ukraine or financial uncertainty. These are the most common issues that war-affected people discuss with therapists. They are also often approached by people seeking therapy for their children. “For example, they start to pee, they are afraid of loud sounds due to certain traumatic experiences, etc.,” … Read more