Two thousand school psychologists. The state will start paying them in three years, but they can still miss out

Recent events, such as the covid epidemic or the war in Ukraine, have highlighted the need for school psychologists. However, the schools don’t get any money from the state, and the unclear funding is one of the reasons psychologists don’t play there. The Ministry of Education wants to pay for them from the state budget … Read more

“We play cards face to face.” Some children may be completely excluded from education

After the covid, Czech education faces another challenge: the integration of tens of thousands of Ukrainian children into education. According to Miroslav Hřebecký, director of the program of the Education Information Center EDUin, the state reacted quickly, but it must be ready to deliberately search for children who are not registered by their parents in … Read more

Ukrainian children trapped. Czech lessons in the morning, then distance lessons from Ukraine

You can also listen to the article in audio version. When he finally finishes his chores at eight o’clock in the evening, he sometimes cannot stop crying. Seven-year-old Olexandra misses her father and grandmother, who remained in Ukraine, but above all, she is exhausted. He spends the morning in a Czech school, but when he … Read more

Scared children don’t want to go to school. Psychologists help, but they are few

You can also read the article in audio version. Children and teachers have yet to recover from endless distance learning, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine has arrived. And with it a wave of war refugees in Czech schools. School psychologists therefore have an invaluable role in schools. That is to say, only where they … Read more

Ukrainians in the Czech Republic: the director of the primary school spoke about Ukrainian children

It hangs in the corridor hallway of Eden Primary School in Prague 10 puzzle in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and it says “Freedom to Ukraine”. In her office, school principal Jana Churáčková has a proposal on a flipchart, how to accept Ukrainian children. He immediately points out that this is an old schedule … Read more

School registration begins. Priority will be given to children living permanently in the Czech Republic

You can also listen to the article in audio version. Children of Ukrainian war refugees will not hold positions in Czech primary and kindergartens. Headteachers will first decide on the admission of children permanently residing in their catchment area. Only then will it be the turn of the students who fled the Russian invasion of … Read more

Ukrainian lessons? Only temporarily should children be involved among Czechs, says expert

Up to 1,550 Czech language teachers for foreigners and 4,250 teaching assistants will be needed to involve Ukrainian children in Czech primary schools. Analysis by PAQ Research and Czech priorities finds this to be a necessity for quality integration of up to 85,000 Ukrainian children. The state budget would cost about 2.1 billion crowns per … Read more