“We will never lose, we would rather die,” said Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko in an interview with CT – CT24 – Czech Television

kyiv is successfully defending itself, but what about the rest of Ukraine? Currently, our priority is the militia. These are people who have never had combat experience, but who are very motivated because they are defending the future of our country. Their motivation is huge. We are currently thinking of mobilizing. I would like to … Read more

Pekarova? Like Big. Learn from Orbán! Ukrainians and benefits. Cunek hard in her

“We will all be a bit poorer, we will all have problems. It is no different,” Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) said against the backdrop of the impending war in Ukraine. And according to Čunek, this statement is true: “I am convinced that we should have lost weight during the covid, and thank God many … Read more

Will the V4 war break out? Expert: Orbán should soften rhetoric, he suggests attitude towards sanctions

I would start with the atmosphere around V4. It may seem that it is collapsing a bit now, that it is losing some unity. How do you see it? The question is whether the Visegrad group was ever united. This was the case on some subjects, but certainly not on all, because Visegrad formed as … Read more

Pavel Novotný calls for a world war. More are added

05.04.2022 16:55 | From the nets Repory Mayor Pavel Novotny (ODS) calls for open war against Russia. According to him, what is happening in Ukraine and especially the suffering of civilians is far behind the red line and the world powers must already go to war. Novotný also calls on Defense Minister Jana Černochová (ODS) … Read more

We communicate with Russia, China would pay for its support, says Blinken’s deputy – ČT24 – Czech Television

Do you even see small signs that the ice between Ukraine and Russia will start to crack in the negotiations? Russia has started a war in Ukraine. And it is a war that Vladimir Putin has chosen. Between February 24, the Biden government attempted serious diplomatic negotiations to avoid war. And repeatedly the Russians have … Read more

The threat of a Russian nuclear attack is very high, according to security analyst Smetana

He doesn’t approve of direct military involvement and admits it could be counterproductive. For Vladimir Putin, a war other than victory is not acceptable. Given the situation on the battlefield, he had already redefined the success of his “special operation”, which would turn into political defeat if the conflict shifted to Russia. Rather than a … Read more

Help Ukraine, but don’t fight Russia. This is a NATO principle, diplomat Geoana reminded – ČT24 – Czech TV

It is not up to NATO to decide Ukraine’s future, stresses Geoana. According to him, NATO has always defended the sovereign rights of each country to decide its future, but it did not oppose Ukraine’s neutral status a few decades ago. It still has an active open-door policy, which it certainly does not intend to … Read more

What the CT reports don’t say. Ivan Vyskocil brought in the Ukrainians. Belgrade, were they other bombs? Gentlemen argue and common people die

SUNDAY MORNING WITH IVAN JUMPED “I will probably never forget the incomprehensible eyes of those children. Even the two trembling dogs and the cat said more than all the news about our interested CT, “Ivan Vyskočil talks about what he saw on the Ukrainian border. But he also talks about how he hates the so- … Read more

Fiala na Babiše: You serve the Czechs against the Ukrainians. And the thing that fell

After the first 100 days as Prime Minister, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) expressed hope that the war could be over as soon as possible. But it also warns citizens with a blast. investigation Is Petr Fiala doing well as Prime Minister? vote: 55262 people “But we will face the consequences of war not only … Read more

What the Nohavics did. Paroubek is gone. And the food will be expensive. Fiala should have foreseen

A few days ago, Poland’s proposal for a NATO peacekeeping mission to provide humanitarian aid, seek peace, but also be protected by the armed forces sparked a lively controversy. Russia said Poland was trying to drag the world into World War III. The Polish proposal was not approved even at the NATO summit. What is … Read more