Babiš knocked: Where will Fiala put the billions? Who? It’s bad

Andrej Babiš, former Prime Minister and President of the YES opposition movement, was the guest of Breakfast with Nova. “The government of Petr Fiala has secretly approved 4.6 billion for Ukrainian refugees. Why don’t they say where the money goes? And why don’t they give it to our people who pay it?” Babiš said on … Read more

Zeman’s grace? They were dealing with the government, the Austrian revealed. Very ugly

The guest of Twenty Minutes of the Czech Radio Radio Newspaper was Interior Minister Vít Rakušan, Deputy Prime Minister and President of the STAN Movement. Will the states of the European Union share responsibility for the refugees expelled from Ukraine by the Russian invasion and will they help the countries most affected by immigration? How … Read more

Putin is the architect of evil, Bishop Holub explained. And a message for those who only judge the future through gas prices…

The sociologist Fedor Gál and the bishop of the diocese of Pilsen Tomáš Holub were the guests of the program ČT24. “When you fall in love, you are excited and everything is perfect and nothing is a problem. But it fades after a while, then it becomes a responsible and beautiful relationship again and has … Read more

We always knew what Poutine was! Facebook needed to be lubricated, the Austrian shouted after inquiring about the government’s plan

investigation Will Europe live the summer holidays in peace? vote: 39550 people The war in Ukraine has been going on for four weeks. According to the Austrian minister, 270,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in the Czech Republic since the start of the Russian invasion. He reassured Czech citizens that the Czech Republic was successful in … Read more