Artificial intelligence also helps us improve our customer experience, says Monika Hrubá from Česká spořitelna

What does one-on-one customer service look like in your app? So that we can offer everyone a tailor-made solution. Today, for example, I have an appointment with our client, who wrote to me on LinkedIn that she was not completely satisfied and was considering leaving. I offered her a date and such a transparent view … Read more

China is a staunch ally of Russia. He is silent on atrocities in Ukraine

A week ago, drastic images from the Ukrainian town of Buča emerged. After the retreat of the Russian army, the bodies of shot civilians were found on the spot, some of them, for example, with their hands tied. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský at least 300 civilians lost their lives in the city. However, … Read more

While the Czernin Palace expelled a senior Russian diplomat, Moscow did not touch the Czechs

Despite the expulsion of the Czech deputy ambassador to Moscow, the diplomat remains on the ground. A breakthrough was offered after Czechia sent home the second man from the Russian embassy in Prague. He was suspected of cooperating with the Russian secret services. Moscow’s restraint is surprising in this case. On the other hand, Russian … Read more

The relationship between poor teeth cleaning and heart disease – scientists advise the best care

08. 04. 2022 | 07:30 According to the results of studies, insufficient dental care can lead not only to tooth decay and gingivitis, but also to type 2 diabetes, various types of heart disease or cancer. What is the most effective prevention? The idea that bacteria or inflammatory chemicals released by immune cells in the … Read more

Identifying with a team, not a company, leads to turnover, says SocioRating manager

Which companies contact you most often? Previously, it was rather large companies, in particular because the measure was relatively expensive. But we are now focusing on small and medium-sized businesses. We want to teach them that even with a small number of employees, it makes sense to regularly measure the quality of the environment. In … Read more

Roman Abramovich: Details of life and his relationship with Putin

Roman Abramovich’s ancestors were Jews, who fled from Soviet Ukraine to Russia during World War II. Both of little Abramovich’s parents died in the early years, so he was raised by his uncle in the oil town of Saratov in northern Russia. He left school at the age of 16, according to the BBC, he … Read more

Long term relationship without sex. Does it bother you if you have little sex?

Sex plays a different role in every relationship. For some, its frequency was low from the start, elsewhere it disappears over time. Therefore, it is IMPORTANT to look at the relationship from several angles and before saying so relationship without sex If you want to leave, you should find out the reasons for his loss. … Read more

Dating on Tinder – how to profit and not end up in someone’s cellar?

According to last year’s statistics nearly 60% of Czechs use dating apps. One of the most popular with us is Tinder. It’s being talked about a lot right now about the Netflix documentary premiere Tinder cheater; the story of Shimon Hayut, who, using a false identity on Tinder, fraudulently attracted huge sums of trusting single … Read more

Madeleine Albright: how she became the most influential woman in the world

Shining star shone in January 1997 when she after defending his mandate by Bill Clinton he asked to become the first woman to head American diplomacy. Albright accomplished a number of things however, his uncompromising approach and acerbic language have also often been a source of criticism. She considers the solution to the Kosovo problem … Read more

Flash Podcast: Putin has lost his gaze and touch with reality, according to the expert

Experts in Vladimir Putin’s presidential court are used to the fact that the clouds of information fog are always shrinking around him. On the one hand, experts watch Putin in his statements, which are not at all stable, because the Russian president often refutes them himself. At other times, numerous testimonies from secret security services, … Read more