We must save, shine less. Now! These high prices are a whip. Fiala’s adviser sent a clear message to the Czechs

“We are going through the worst economic crisis since World War II. I have to agree with this pointed statement. Covid was a shock, but after this shock there could be a recovery,” the Mountain Sister began. But then Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine and, instead of recovering, another blow was … Read more

Your savings will go up the chimney. Okamura Nation unites to push government to resign

Mr. President, what do you say to the idea of ​​Defense Minister Jana Černochová of the ODS to fight for the establishment of an American military base in the Czech Republic? The SPD is against the presence of any foreign army on our territory. We are pushing for the modernization and change of the concept … Read more

I would like the state to help us more … The Czech family counts every crown. He saves everything

“I understand that everyone tries to grab something for themselves when possible, but that always ends up driving the end consumer away.” Mrs. Ilona Tomanová from South Moravia described the family with two young children at a steep price hike. Fortunately, the house was built in good times and the husband was able to support … Read more

Babiš knocked: Where will Fiala put the billions? Who? It’s bad

Andrej Babiš, former Prime Minister and President of the YES opposition movement, was the guest of Breakfast with Nova. “The government of Petr Fiala has secretly approved 4.6 billion for Ukrainian refugees. Why don’t they say where the money goes? And why don’t they give it to our people who pay it?” Babiš said on … Read more

People are also saving on food and the government is discussing… The moderator of the CT totally grilled the vice-president of the ODS

Czechia is still facing rising inflation, it has already approached 13% and it looks like it will get worse. People are afraid of impacts. How should the government react? “People should be modest,” new ODS deputy chairman Zdeněk Zajíček explained in ČT24 Interview, adding that the government was still discussing the measures. “The government is … Read more

The four ladies in the game: a noisy squabble over the US base, quoted BRI’s Nemcova. And that was just the start…

survey Are you cutting off Russian gas and oil supplies? vote: 42024 people From the very beginning of the discussion, the ladies argued over whether to set up an American military base in the Czech Republic. “It just occurred to me. I want an American military base in the Czech Republic. I wanted it already … Read more

Bread in the freezer. You give me eggs, I give you wood. In the countryside, it has a brutal end

07.04.2022 9:54 | Report “Are you even asking? The pensions are small and the prices are huge. Choir in the villages! Ascending three crowns twenty, unbearable. Half a loaf of twenty-six crowns. Where are we ? Resignation to inflation, to the general rise in prices and food prices has its limits. Although it has become … Read more

Long: companies will raise wages up to 10%, I would not add to civil servants

Hostem I ask Vladimír Dlouhý was the president of the Czech Chamber of Commerce. Czechia had the highest interest rate in over twenty years since Thursday. The Czech National Bank reached the fifth above-standard increase and raised interest rates to 5%, the most since 2001. Lower inflation is to blame, which hit double digits in … Read more

Austrian minister: I don’t think I will be a minister without problems

03.04.2022 14:03 | From the nets Comment Facebook profile to help Ukraine and current issues Photo: Terezie Tománková’s match on CNN Prima NEWSThe description: Lives Rakusan. “After all, you only deal with Ukraine, and what about our people…”, more than one fellow citizen wrote to me on social networks. And for the first time in … Read more

Schiller (YES): Another government coup

Greetings friends, I hope you are all doing well. And also that if you think back to the events of the past week today, you’ll find a few things there that made you at least somewhat happy. Sometimes it’s a trifle, but even that is worth remembering. Maybe we really appreciate our work, because the … Read more