Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | Zábranský and Erat in the national team and Kometa: Libor is like a good slivovice

In Kometa, they created an axis of operation, which led the colossus from Brno to two titles in a row. One ran the cabin as a key striker, the other the whole club. Now Martin Erat (40) and Libor Zábranský (48) have met in the role of assistants to Finnish expert Kari Jalonen in the … Read more

Fear? You understood well. Jiří Holík has no idea what Czechia would be like

18.04.2022 4:44 | Conversation If the roosters of Russia close, the standard of living will drop, hockey legend Jiří Holík admits the veracity of Putin’s words. “For me, the equation that if we take gas and oil from Russia, we contribute to the war with Ukraine, does not fit well,” he adds. And it comes … Read more

I’d find things with the Sparta logo at home, Steelworker Crow captain says

He is preparing for his jubilee, the final tenth of his career. The jubilee will be stylish for Petr Vrán (37) from Třinec. In the fight for extra-league gold, he will face Sparta Prague, which he captained in the past. And who got rid of him three years ago. “Sparta have changed during this time, … Read more

Pilsen is aiming for a double and its tugs are multiplying. Finally the blood is played, please Vlasák

Michal Bulíř, Peter Čerešňák or Tomáš Mertl, the club’s season ended a month ago, but even so, hockey fans in Pilsen can still go to the stadium and cheer Škoda on the way to the title(s). Pilsen juniors and teenagers are fighting in the finals of their leagues, which only confirms the great work with … Read more

Hrubec on the conversation, which caused a stir, the war, the departure and the Russians

Everything changed from minute to minute. It flipped. Nothing was normal after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Are friends and comrades in the cabin suddenly enemies? “I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of Russian boys didn’t agree with the invasion,” says Simon Hrubec, who has a contract at Omsk for next year. But he … Read more

Jágr and Plekance plan to bring Kladno youth back to previous level

Updates: 10.04.2022 19:58 Published: 10.04.2022, 19:58 Kladno – Legends Jaromír Jágr and Tomáš Plekanec plan to raise hockey youth in Kladno. Jágr, from the position of owner of the Central Bohemian club, which was a well-known incubator in the past, from which many players then shone in the NHL, admitted that he perceives the current … Read more

Youth? Shame on me! Jágr attracts Plekance, he also spoke about an MMA veteran

He distributed a lot of signatures, posing for joint photos. But above all, he advised. The most famous Czech hockey player is happy that this school of hockey talents applies the methods that have just helped him in his career. “I’m adapting it a bit to my image,” the 50-year-old icon said. Is this the … Read more

Jágr before the playoffs: I will play the role that I will play

Updates: 10.04.2022 17:46 Published: 10.04.2022, 17:46 Kladno – Player owner of Kladno Hockey Club Jaromír Jágr believes the Knights will manage to manage the draw against the Premier League winners and continue to be among the participants in the extra league next season. He would like to contribute as much as possible to this and … Read more

After the jaw operation, Voženílek returned to the ice in a flash and fired the hockey players from Motor

Updates: 08.04.2022 23:22 Published: 08.04.2022, 23:22 České Budějovice – České Budějovice hockey player Daniel Voženílek is enjoying an unprecedented quick and successful comeback after a very nasty injury in the playoffs of the extra league. Two days before the start of the semi-final series with Sparta, his teammate inadvertently broke his jaw, the 26-year-old striker … Read more

The hero Třinec Hrňa after the turn of dreams: it could have an impact on Boleslav

They chased the ghost of Kacetl from the goal, but hit hell. When Gašper Krošelj fantastically neutralized Erika Hrni’s shot in the 59th minute, the spectators cheered from the stands and were sure it was the cliché sweet icing on the Thursday cake, a stamp for the first semi-final victory -final. Was not. The video … Read more