What the government is hiding. Warning around Koudelka. The surprised boy

19.04.2022 4:44 | Analysis “Our real reserves are much smaller than the government in the area of ​​euthanasia,” commentator Petr Holec warns readers of ParlamentníchListů.cz. “Our economy would probably go into wartime rationing mode,” he said of the possibility of shutting down Russian gas. He also handles relations between the government, the media and the … Read more

Fial’s trial: “He lied, clearly and unambiguously.” Rajchl revealed to Xaver what happened

Rajchl first commented on the 2022 Charter. “It’s a joint project of many people. I’m very happy about it. Basically, it’s an idea I had with Dr. Nielsen at the end of the last year, and we started talking about it, and we basically agreed that as soon as we want to achieve something here … Read more

Your savings will go up the chimney. Okamura Nation unites to push government to resign

Mr. President, what do you say to the idea of ​​Defense Minister Jana Černochová of the ODS to fight for the establishment of an American military base in the Czech Republic? The SPD is against the presence of any foreign army on our territory. We are pushing for the modernization and change of the concept … Read more

Wealthy Ukrainians also arrived in expensive cars. And they take advantage of it. Filtered! Grandmother snatched the avalanche with her words. Very large

16.04.2022 12:22 | From the nets In Saturday’s interview with Právo, former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) said wealthy Ukrainians coming to the Czech Republic and receiving benefits “should be filtered out”. And came Šídl on Twitter that Babiš is also a wealthy migrant who has attracted considerable controversial grants. Patrik Nacher (YES) MEP cut … Read more

“Our children did not go to school for two years. But should we integrate Ukrainians quickly?!” The ex-minister has had enough. He returns to politics

You announced your candidacy for the Senate and recently launched your electoral campaign. What is your biggest motivation to become a senator? I felt more and more helpless as our state failed to deal with the disintegration of our old good and normal world, the disintegration of honest, tried and tested values. It is not … Read more

“Death. Enough. “The boy entered the government, which he did not want

14.04.2022 8:07 | From the nets On his regular show, commentator Petr Holec matched the shoe that Jana Černochová made with the American base, but also the effort to control the margins. “I think the hand of the market has stayed somewhere in my pocket. I’m not surprised either,” he said, adding that entrepreneurs are … Read more

People are also saving on food and the government is discussing… The moderator of the CT totally grilled the vice-president of the ODS

Czechia is still facing rising inflation, it has already approached 13% and it looks like it will get worse. People are afraid of impacts. How should the government react? “People should be modest,” new ODS deputy chairman Zdeněk Zajíček explained in ČT24 Interview, adding that the government was still discussing the measures. “The government is … Read more

Babiš rushed out on camera. Papers in hand: the purple government is lying to you! i have it here

11.04.2022 16:18 | From the nets After a week-long hiatus, former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) signed up for his regular show Chow People. “There are so many things that have happened,” remarked Babiš, who had recently undergone minor surgery, but as he assured, he is fine. Photo: Hans StemberaThe description: Andrej Babis “The Prime … Read more

Emergency: Chamber on government proposal to extend until end of May

Emergency state applies in the Czech Republic due to the wave of migration from Ukraine since Friday, March 4. The government declared it for 30 days. Interior Minister Vit Rakušan (STAN) originally wanted the government to ask MPs for permission to extend the three-month state of emergency until Sunday July 3.. The government cabinet finally … Read more

Ukrainian doctors could work as interns in the Czech Republic, but laws won’t change, Válek warns – ČT24 – Česká televize

According to the war, there are hundreds of doctors among the Ukrainian refugees. “I want to allow them very quickly to be able to work under the supervision and in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic and European legislation on services in all medical facilities, whether it is a nurse or a doctor … Read more