Wife of Tomas Klus Tamar: Thanks to the children, I found out who I was

Actress Míša Tomešová: There is no ideal mother Did you do anything different with Josefina’s first daughter? Something you looked back on as a mistake you didn’t repeat with other kids?I call our Josefinka Svršek, the changer of our lives. She made us a mom and a dad and no one will take over this … Read more

Marcel Ihnačák: My daughter still doesn’t understand that she won’t be pretty without vegetables. But I’m patient For woman

When you think of a cook, who do you do it for? To me? It’s a tough question, I’m not doing it for the money or for me, I’m doing it for the general public and I want to motivate people who love to cook and are out of ideas. I want them to have … Read more

Dmitry (16) from kyiv lives in a cellar: Russian rockets fly overhead. Even if the children don’t die…

The day before the invasion began, on February 23, Dmitry returned from a downtown gymnasium. Then he had dinner with mom, dad and siblings. He went to bed early, had to go to school in the morning. “During the night, the worst thing that could happen happened – Russian missiles began to fly over our … Read more

Dousková, Irena: Konec dobrý – iLiteratura.cz

Irena Dousková’s new collection of short stories is among the titles nominated for this year’s Magnesia Litera awards in the prose category. In the book, we examine the turning points in the lives of ordinary people embedded in different historical events. Different people at different times, with different points of view and different lives. However, … Read more

“Our children did not go to school for two years. But should we integrate Ukrainians quickly?!” The ex-minister has had enough. He returns to politics

You announced your candidacy for the Senate and recently launched your electoral campaign. What is your biggest motivation to become a senator? I felt more and more helpless as our state failed to deal with the disintegration of our old good and normal world, the disintegration of honest, tried and tested values. It is not … Read more

The family wanted to escape across the river to protect themselves from the Russians. Only the mother survived the trip

After the Russians occupied her village of Verkhny Rohachyk, she, her husband and her son began to worry about what would happen next. With a rucksack on their backs and important documents, they therefore embarked on the apparently easier route to areas controlled by Ukraine. On April 7, a family of three and eleven others … Read more

Simona Kijonková grew up in a poor single family, today she gives millions For women

Simon, was this the first charity or commercial association? First there was help, I did my first associative activities at the age of nineteen. Of course, at the very beginning there was help for my siblings, I have three and I took care of the sisters and made them a mother and a father, because … Read more

Hrubec on the conversation, which caused a stir, the war, the departure and the Russians

Everything changed from minute to minute. It flipped. Nothing was normal after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Are friends and comrades in the cabin suddenly enemies? “I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of Russian boys didn’t agree with the invasion,” says Simon Hrubec, who has a contract at Omsk for next year. But he … Read more

Chilling testimony: Russians shot my husband then raped me in front of our son, says Ukrainian

There has been speculation in the past that Russian soldiers are aggressive and brutal outside the battlefield in war-torn Ukraine. Now, a specific case has been described by the British newspaper The Times. This one was given to a Ukrainian woman whose real name the editorial staff did not want to publish for security reasons, … Read more

Rudčenková, Kateřina: Amáliina nehybnost – iLiteratura.cz

At the beginning of the story, Amálie is lying in an old summer apartment and has no reason to get up. As readers, we accompany her for the next seven years, when the heroine leaves the scene of family trauma and travels to many places, including her beloved Japan. And yet, in the end, even … Read more