Two thousand school psychologists. The state will start paying them in three years, but they can still miss out

Recent events, such as the covid epidemic or the war in Ukraine, have highlighted the need for school psychologists. However, the schools don’t get any money from the state, and the unclear funding is one of the reasons psychologists don’t play there. The Ministry of Education wants to pay for them from the state budget … Read more

Ukrainians take refuge in a Hungarian village famous for its brandy

An icy wind is blowing outside the windows, but in a small house in the Hungarian village of Panyola, about thirty kilometers from the Ukrainian border, the weather is fine. The heat comes from the old tiled stoves in the bathroom. The wrap is dried on a hanger. It does not belong to the two-month-old … Read more

China is a staunch ally of Russia. He is silent on atrocities in Ukraine

A week ago, drastic images from the Ukrainian town of Buča emerged. After the retreat of the Russian army, the bodies of shot civilians were found on the spot, some of them, for example, with their hands tied. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský at least 300 civilians lost their lives in the city. However, … Read more

Ukrainian doctors could work as interns in the Czech Republic, but laws won’t change, Válek warns – ČT24 – Česká televize

According to the war, there are hundreds of doctors among the Ukrainian refugees. “I want to allow them very quickly to be able to work under the supervision and in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic and European legislation on services in all medical facilities, whether it is a nurse or a doctor … Read more

Will the V4 war break out? Expert: Orbán should soften rhetoric, he suggests attitude towards sanctions

I would start with the atmosphere around V4. It may seem that it is collapsing a bit now, that it is losing some unity. How do you see it? The question is whether the Visegrad group was ever united. This was the case on some subjects, but certainly not on all, because Visegrad formed as … Read more

How can I harm Putin? Drive less, fuel less

Russia is committing heinous war crimes in Ukraine. If we are prepared to modify ourselves little or not, we will help the crushed country a great deal. What can I do to stop this? What can I do to help Ukraine? One of the questions I hear people send me every day. No wonder, every … Read more

Kill me, but leave the children, the Ukrainian said to the soldiers. She and her family found safety in the Czech Republic

Although Eastern Moravia is one of the places with the fewest refugees, thousands of them have also found a home here. Among the thousand and a half people who came from Ukraine to Uherské Hradiště is a family who had direct contact with Russian soldiers. “When they came to my house, I told them that … Read more

Help Ukraine, but don’t fight Russia. This is a NATO principle, diplomat Geoana reminded – ČT24 – Czech TV

It is not up to NATO to decide Ukraine’s future, stresses Geoana. According to him, NATO has always defended the sovereign rights of each country to decide its future, but it did not oppose Ukraine’s neutral status a few decades ago. It still has an active open-door policy, which it certainly does not intend to … Read more

More than five billion will be needed to integrate Ukrainian children into schools by August, says Gazdík – ČT24 – Česká televize

Gazdík has previously stated that about 17 billion crowns will be needed for the integration of refugees. According to him, this amount is based on the current average cost per student and on the assumption that 120,000 Ukrainian children would enter Czech schools. According to the latest estimates, there are about 300,000 refugees in the … Read more

Niedermayer: Business development companies in Russia made a mistake. I would not compensate them

How has the mood in Brussels changed in recent weeks? Even before there was an open military annexation of all of Ukraine, there was surprising agreement about what evil Russia stood for. This is a consensus that I have never seen in the European Parliament. In the early days of the invasion, it was clear … Read more