We can produce electricity, it will be worse with gas, says Ladislav Sladký

We know that energy prices rose before the war, but there is still speculation about the causes. There was talk of a surge in demand for economic recovery. But the economy is slowing down, definitely Czech. Gas and oil are flowing, although doubts and fears are in place. So what is the deciding factor now? … Read more

Jiří Hulcr: cooperative extension. The American way of transferring innovations and why we need them to protect the Czech landscape

In the illustrative image, the species-rich and age-diverse forest in the St. Anna Demonstration Forest Building in Brdy. In global nature conservation there is an increasing need to combine ecology and economy. There is no place left to shut down natural processes and endangered species in reserves, apart from humans; rather, we must learn to … Read more

What the government is hiding. Warning around Koudelka. The surprised boy

19.04.2022 4:44 | Analysis “Our real reserves are much smaller than the government in the area of ​​euthanasia,” commentator Petr Holec warns readers of ParlamentníchListů.cz. “Our economy would probably go into wartime rationing mode,” he said of the possibility of shutting down Russian gas. He also handles relations between the government, the media and the … Read more

“Lack of intelligence or pursuit of cheap popularity?”

The government has approved 4.5 billion crowns for the housing and integration of Ukrainian refugees in a secret regime. The iDnes.cz server pointed it out. The YES movement claims that this is why the state of emergency is dangerous, because the government can spend without restriction. How do you see the approval of the amount … Read more

By buying fossil fuels, we are paying Russia for the war in Ukraine. Energy saving experts advise how households can handle this

A shower is more economical than a bath. But it must be a short shower. A significant part of the Czech Republic’s fuel and energy supply is provided by fossil fuels, which come from Russia. Energy saving experts advise on how the inhabitants of their homes can reduce their consumption. And they add that even … Read more

Novotný from Řeporyjí was released on Prim. ODS business card… They almost turned off his microphone

Senate Speaker Milos Vystrcil (ODS) visited Ukraine. “I don’t praise the trip at all. It’s not a completely safe way. But God forbid he goes there and brings the testimonies. Peter, why are you inviting Majer Zahradníková’s broom here ?” “Novotný started abruptly, after which moderator Petr Suchoň warned him that he hoped this was … Read more

How do nature conservation, outdoor company and rap battle go hand in hand? Surprisingly well

So let’s calm down, both of us… Ondřej Vacek in his double role. “Sports car, soul, I love nature, but your prohibitions have really started to eat away at me. Your visiting rules don’t interest me at all, I’ll wipe my ass with them, you don’t have to worry about them! The mountains are not … Read more

The European Commission has proposed a fifth sanctions package against Russia, which includes a ban on coal imports

Licence All rights reserved. Further distribution is only possible with the consent of the author The European Commission has proposed a fifth sanctions package against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, which calls for a ban on Russian coal imports into the European Union. The aim is also to prevent Russian sea and road carriers … Read more

Current pledges to keep warming below 1.5 degrees are not enough, UN experts say

Chimneys of the coal-fired power plant of Guodian Corporation in Datong, north China’s Shanxi Province (March 17, 2018). Licence All rights reserved. Further distribution is only possible with the consent of the author The world is heading for a global warming of more than three degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial period; Climate measures must … Read more

Politicians appreciate EC proposal to include nuclear and gas among green investments

According to Environment Minister Anna Hubáčková (KDU-ČSL), the possibility of using nuclear and gas for a transitional period as a replacement for coal will allow the Czech Republic to gradually switch to clean sources for the climate. Fiala and Hubáčková told ČTK. The EC proposal is also welcomed by other politicians, including former Prime Minister … Read more