Fear? You understood well. Jiří Holík has no idea what Czechia would be like

18.04.2022 4:44 | Conversation If the roosters of Russia close, the standard of living will drop, hockey legend Jiří Holík admits the veracity of Putin’s words. “For me, the equation that if we take gas and oil from Russia, we contribute to the war with Ukraine, does not fit well,” he adds. And it comes … Read more

We must save, shine less. Now! These high prices are a whip. Fiala’s adviser sent a clear message to the Czechs

“We are going through the worst economic crisis since World War II. I have to agree with this pointed statement. Covid was a shock, but after this shock there could be a recovery,” the Mountain Sister began. But then Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine and, instead of recovering, another blow was … Read more

I’ve only ever had one job, says Forbes magazine editor Petr Šimůnek – ČT24 – Czech Television

Peter Šimůnek could be considered a multitasker. “I’ve only ever done one job in my life,” he says. He graduated from the University of Economics and at the same time studied journalism. During his one-year study at the University of Linz in Austria, he was interviewed at Mladá fronta Dnes and obtained a position in … Read more

The four ladies in the game: a noisy squabble over the US base, quoted BRI’s Nemcova. And that was just the start…

survey Are you cutting off Russian gas and oil supplies? vote: 42024 people From the very beginning of the discussion, the ladies argued over whether to set up an American military base in the Czech Republic. “It just occurred to me. I want an American military base in the Czech Republic. I wanted it already … Read more

That’s what Gorbachev told me. Words from the President of the United States. What Fiala does not know. The dissident and the economist testify

05.04.2022 10:47 | Conversation We don’t have to cap energy prices, but the money is being thrown out the window, wonders former dissident, economist and university professor Jan Solta. ParlamentnímListům.cz revealed some of his experiences, for example, during a meeting with former USSR leader Gorbachev. He shed light on the true nature of German-Russian relations … Read more

I’m worried about cybersecurity, says head of top security agency on war

You can also listen to the interview in audio version. Commercial security also faced a critical shortage of chips during the pandemic. Securitas customers should expect to wait for deliveries, usually two months, in some cases three quarters of a year. On the other hand, the failure of the Ukrainian or Russian market will not … Read more

Long: companies will raise wages up to 10%, I would not add to civil servants

Hostem I ask Vladimír Dlouhý was the president of the Czech Chamber of Commerce. Czechia had the highest interest rate in over twenty years since Thursday. The Czech National Bank reached the fifth above-standard increase and raised interest rates to 5%, the most since 2001. Lower inflation is to blame, which hit double digits in … Read more

Russia threatens to shut down pipelines. Above all, do not store diesel at home, advises the expert

To save its currency, Russia threatens to close the pipelines if Europe does not pay for the energy in rubles. How would the Czech Republic be affected if Russian oil stopped flowing there, and what ordinary motorists should do, the editorial staff of TN.cz asked the experts. The potential consequences of interrupting Russian oil supplies … Read more

Was it expensive to buy? What if Putin cut the gas on Friday?! Kupka set fire to Havlíček. He didn’t hold

The host Terezie Tománková first returned to the machete attack on a teacher which was to be committed by a 19-year-old student. “I firmly believe that Czech schools have not ceased to be safe. This is an extremely sad event, but I fear that it cannot be completely avoided,” Kupka remarked. According to him, the … Read more