What is an eating disorder and how does it affect family relationships?

When it comes to anorexia nervosa, many people immediately come to the conclusion that this is a disease of girls who have a problem with food. Of course, it is also about food, but limiting this disease to it is a big mistake. Forty-eight-year-old Lenka, whose daughter, now nineteen, suffers from this and other mental … Read more

Willis’s departure is a loss for Hollywood, bad films are made for the money, says the journalist

American actor Bruce Willis has ended his acting career. The 67-year-old action movie star’s doctors recently discovered aphasia. “The world of cinema not only loses an action hero, but also an excellent actor and one of the universally recognizable characters for many generations around the world,” says Václav Rybář, film publicist at MovieZone and one … Read more

A glass of wine a day for health is a myth, says Kateřina Vacková

Almost eight years ago, Loono was the first to launch a #breastcancer prevention program. Over time, cardiovascular disease prevention, reproductive health and mental health programs were added. Do you feel that some of these programs are becoming more important than others, for example in the context of a coronavirus pandemic?I think everyone is still relevant, … Read more

The war in Ukraine: There are few practitioners for the youngest in the Czech Republic, vaccination is the main problem

The problem of the lack of general practitioners for children and adolescents in the Czech Republic was even before the conflict broke out in Ukraine. In addition, many doctors are over 60 years old. “Children of Ukraine especially for general practitioners for children and adolescents they represent a relatively large volume of care in a … Read more

HPV Vaccination Myths and Facts: It Pays for Adult Women!

Is it true that up to half of women neglect prevention at the gynecologist?Unfortunately yes. In the Czech Republic, doctors offer, in addition to conventional care, several so-called screening programs aimed at the early diagnosis of cancer. For example. Only half of women still participate in cervical cancer screening. At the same time, it is … Read more

Třešňák, Petr; Třešňáková, Petra: the sounds of awakening

Your baby is developing normally, says the first words. He is good in motor skills, he is starting to put pearls. But around the age of two, something broke inside him. The development stops, the words disappear and an ever increasing and all-consuming agitation is added. Agitation turns into convulsions and aggression, most often directed … Read more

The sound of slapping. Litera has a nominated emotional story about raising an autistic girl

Journalist Petr Třešňák and his wife Petra have written a book about their experiences as parents of a severely disabled child. It’s called Sounds of Awakening and tells not only about illness, but also about the path to spirituality. Unexpected or almost miraculous healings undoubtedly occur, but if the person who experienced them testifies to … Read more

Hollywood’s 8 Sexiest Couples: This Marriage Endured Illness, Infidelity and a Long Distance Relationship

March 21, 2022 | 06:00 There is no doubt that even celebrities and the wealthy have partner quarters. If you are facing a marital crisis and you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, you may be inspired by these couples. Their crises, separations and returns would often make a novel! Blake … Read more