“We will never lose, we would rather die,” said Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko in an interview with CT – CT24 – Czech Television

kyiv is successfully defending itself, but what about the rest of Ukraine? Currently, our priority is the militia. These are people who have never had combat experience, but who are very motivated because they are defending the future of our country. Their motivation is huge. We are currently thinking of mobilizing. I would like to … Read more

Star of the series Eva Hacurová: “You’re fat, go bury yourself” nobody has written to me yet! | For women

You were nominated for the Czech Lion for your supporting role in the movie Bugs. What hopes did you have? The competition was undoubtedly great… Quite frankly – I was quite realistic. Of course, the appointment made me very happy, but I didn’t have high expectations. I do not like disappointment, I am happy to … Read more

They fled from the Russians with nothing, now they have Czech classmates and they negotiate thanks to the translator

More than 56,000 Ukrainian children between the ages of six and fourteen received special visas to the Czech Republic. Schools set up single classes for them or integrate them into regular classes. This is also the case for children admitted to a primary school in Lukov in the Semily region. They ran straight from the … Read more

“You are my Sleeping Beauty.” The moderator described how Cimický attacked her in the surgery

She came to him to solve the scenario of the joint program. Psychiatrist Jan Cimický locked the office door and sexually assaulted her. It’s been twenty years. Now TV presenter Martina Hynková Vrbová has joined the testimony of women who have described harassment and assault by a well-known doctor. They responded in response to Cimický … Read more

These people don’t need the money. They bought gasoline! Minister-banker in action

The government is preparing a package of thirteen measures, some of which have not yet been announced. According to Minister Síkely, these were steps related to cost compensation or notifications. “We have not published those concerning strategic security.” According to Minister Síkel, the measures concerning energy security will only be published once the government is … Read more

When you feel bare spots in your hair. How to live with alopecia?

A joke that would Jada Pinkett Smith could play the next GI Jane, is of course irrelevant. However, the reference to the 1997 film, in which Demi Moore shaves her head, and speculation as to whether the host was misinformed, also underscores that trendy cut where doho hairstyle is currently absolutely legitimate choice of a … Read more

Tereza Bebarová revealed the secret of her slenderness and who is the new member of her family named Evžen

The second series of the popular show started last Saturday The whole country is cooking. Already tonight, viewers of Czech Television can watch the second episode, which will perfume their homes. He will cook again and the challenges will not be easy. Actress Tereza Bebarová also accompanies the audience this time around. How is she … Read more

Russia’s ceasefire terms are unacceptable ultimatum, says Zelensky in interview with Kubal – CT24 – Czech TV

overheat video Extraordinary interview with Volodymyr Zelenský Source: CT24 Mr. President, how do you sleep and how do you feel? First, how do I feel? Normally. I am not sick, I am a perfectly healthy person. I understand exactly what is happening and I decide quite calmly. I think it’s very important for us. Our … Read more

Rape Under The Skin: CT Documentary About Brutal Rape By Two Men

Three women, three different lives and three encounters with the worst of burglary in intimacy and the feeling of security. Dominika, Tereza and Karolína opened up and described their experiences of abuse in a unique documentary by Czech television and authors Kateřina Hrochová and Jaroslav Hroch – The Rape Under the Skin. They have all … Read more

Miroslav Hanuš: I’m such a toy actor

Nurse Hana (K. Melíšková) likes to decide for others what is best for them. Tie the patient to the bed so that he does not injure himself. Choosing a school for her daughter Tereza (D. Barešová) that will ensure her a better future. Work to destruction to earn money to fix the house where the … Read more