Despite the “shoebox” photos, Václav Bacovský took the heart of walking in the mountains and taking photos to heart

You like to take pictures in our region in the Jičín region and in the Bohemian Paradise. You come from this area, don’t you?Yes, I came to the radio from the small village of Oruby, which is not far from Sobotka. So I actually live on the border of Hradec Králové and Central Bohemia, to … Read more

As long as Putin is in power, there will be a war with the West. Despite the fact that NATO does not want it, says post-Soviet space expert Valvoda

And Personality Plus continues: “Putin decided to put his size and the size of Russia on the conflict with the West. He has been preparing Russian society for the Great War for ten years. His propaganda, not only through the news, but also through various series, all of them say their original work, describes the … Read more

I have been a music lover since I was a kid. I don’t feel like Sinatra in sneakers anymore, says singer Jamie Cullum

In your music you combine elements of jazz, rock, pop, various electronics. Is there a musical style that is foreign to you? It’s a bit ironic that I have the greatest reservations in certain areas of jazz. For example, I wouldn’t go into very fast bebop or modern jazz. I know a lot of people … Read more

Nettle is a great gift from nature, it can be used whole. Seeds as an aphrodisiac put “fire in the hips”

Nutrition Advisor Eng. Iva Víravová talks about the power of green food in our radio consultancy. Eng. Iva Viravava I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant and am happy to pass on my knowledge and experience to those who want to help with a nutrition plan and change their eating habits. I work with women, men … Read more

The best Easter dessert is carrot cake, according to vegan pastry chef Petra Stahlová

“My relationship with Easter is more in the cooking sector, because I like everything to be green, to have herbs. Baking is mainly flatbread or hot rolls for me, that’s all, because I don’t have any boarders at all,” says Petra. In addition to working at the school, she herself tries to keep the permaculture … Read more

Daniel Hůle: I’m tired of the dogmatic approach that the debtor is responsible for his situation. We all pay the consequences of the executions

Could a thirteen-year-old girl who inherited millions in debt from her late father call your counseling center and live in a debt trap for the next few years? Unfortunately, she doesn’t call when he inherits. Usually we come to such a case later, but unfortunately it always happens. When the parents of the child die, … Read more

Problem students? They move a person forward and get them to reflect on their own work, says a teacher from the Open movement

In an interview you say that you try to be a partner for the students and the problematic ones are more of a motivator. How can a problem student be a motivator? Isn’t he more of a devastater? It’s not always that he’s a motivator, but he forces a person to look for other paths, … Read more

I didn’t know anything about my family’s Judaism. Memories of Madeleine Albright

Madeleine Albright (left) with her sister Katherine|photo:Post Bellum It also largely contributed to the admission of post-communist countries into the North Atlantic Alliance. Medeleine Albright has always adhered to her Czech roots, she was one of those who had already traveled behind the Iron Curtain in Soviet times. To Western politicians who had an understanding … Read more

Spoon Indian Classics: We realized that as a band we sound better at gigs

Hi Alex, what are you doing in London? With Brit (Daniel, vocalist Spoon – note. author) we have some acoustic gigs here. Looks like the cogs of the music industry are starting to turn again after a long hiatus! It’s like that. All the musicians around me are on tour now. Has everything returned to … Read more

All taxes go to compulsory spending, we have no insurance for the crisis, warns the head of the Supreme Court of Auditors

The SAO’s annual report for the past year was released on Monday. I will come back to it in particular and the reactions to it in more detail in a moment, but before that I want to ask a more general question: are you satisfied with the way in which the various ministries themselves are … Read more