Putin wants to show that Russia is a world power, according to political geographers – ČT24 – Česká televize

Before the war, Vladimir Putin claimed he was not going to attack Ukraine and then hinted that conflict was inevitable. Romancov thinks we still haven’t heard the real reason the Russians started the war. The geographer does not believe that the reasons given by the Kremlin are true. He thinks Putin’s motives are political and … Read more

China is a staunch ally of Russia. He is silent on atrocities in Ukraine

A week ago, drastic images from the Ukrainian town of Buča emerged. After the retreat of the Russian army, the bodies of shot civilians were found on the spot, some of them, for example, with their hands tied. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský at least 300 civilians lost their lives in the city. However, … Read more

That’s what Gorbachev told me. Words from the President of the United States. What Fiala does not know. The dissident and the economist testify

05.04.2022 10:47 | Conversation We don’t have to cap energy prices, but the money is being thrown out the window, wonders former dissident, economist and university professor Jan Solta. ParlamentnímListům.cz revealed some of his experiences, for example, during a meeting with former USSR leader Gorbachev. He shed light on the true nature of German-Russian relations … Read more

The boats are standing, the trucks are rolling. And it transports goods from China to Europe through Asia

The coronavirus pandemic early last year drastically curtailed all economic activity in China. It also had an inevitable impact on logistics, which continues to this day. After a sharp fall in logistics activities in the spring and the disruption of transport chains, transport capacities are becoming scarcer. In practice, this only means one thing. We … Read more

China as a smart burner. According to her, the conflict in Ukraine is harmful to the world, but it will not stop helping Russia

The negotiations between the European Union and China, according to both parties, were very open. State representatives agreed that the conflict in Ukraine poses a number of problems and harms the global economy. However, China refuses to talk about the war, does not feel part of the conflict and does not want to stop trading … Read more

We communicate with Russia, China would pay for its support, says Blinken’s deputy – ČT24 – Czech Television

Do you even see small signs that the ice between Ukraine and Russia will start to crack in the negotiations? Russia has started a war in Ukraine. And it is a war that Vladimir Putin has chosen. Between February 24, the Biden government attempted serious diplomatic negotiations to avoid war. And repeatedly the Russians have … Read more

Conflict is irrelevant, Chinese President Si tells Biden

Updates: 03/18/2022 22:07 Published: 18.03.2022, 15:34 BEIJING/Washington — Chinese President Xi Jinping told US President Joe Biden in a video call today that conflicts and clashes such as the events in Ukraine are irrelevant. In reference to Chinese state media, Reuters reported. According to the Chinese president, China and the United States should lead their … Read more

China censors a well-known writer. She showed the woman her husband had nailed to the wall

Mentions of popular writer and screenwriter Jen Ke-ling, who accused President Xi Jinping of condoning human trafficking, began to disappear from the Chinese internet. It was written by the British daily The Times, according to which the censorship would take place at the request of the local communist party. Jen Ke-ling, 63, now lives in … Read more

Conflict has no interest, Chinese President Xi Jinping tells Biden – CT24 – Czech TV

He told the White House chief that interstate relations could not turn into confrontation. According to him, conflicts and confrontations have no interest. The Chinese president also noted that “the crisis in Ukraine is something we don’t want to see.” “As permanent members of the UN Security Council and as the world’s two largest economies, … Read more