AP: How the French presidential election may affect the war in Ukraine

Updates: 04/15/2022 09:40 Published: 15.04.2022, 09:40 Paris – The capital of France is thousands of kilometers from the battlefields of eastern Ukraine, but the results of the French elections could have an impact on events in Ukraine. Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has close ties to Russia and wants to weaken the European Union … Read more

BBC: Russian soldiers raped me and killed my husband, say Ukrainian women

Kyiv – The Russians withdrew from northern Ukraine, but left behind devastated lives and people who may never recover from the trauma they suffered. The BBC news server listened to testimonies from survivors and recorded testimonies of Ukrainian women raped by occupation soldiers. In a quiet rural area 70 kilometers west of kyiv, the BBC … Read more

The Sumy region is no longer without Russians, reports Ukraine. Mariupol is in danger of complete conquest

The mayor of kyiv, Vitaly Klitschko, calls on citizens to be careful, even after the withdrawal of the occupiers from the metropolis. He asked those who had left the city to await their return. The town hall is currently trying to restore all services in the city of three million, including the full range of … Read more

BBC: Premature babies fight for their lives in bombed Ukrainian cities

Updates: 05.04.2022 09:02 Published: 05.04.2022, 09:02 Kyiv – Doctors in Ukraine, where the Russian invasion continues for the second straight month, are seeing a sharp rise in the number of premature births. Maternities in Kharkov and Lviv say their numbers have doubled or tripled in recent weeks due to stress and health problems for pregnant … Read more

Conflict is irrelevant, Chinese President Si tells Biden

Updates: 03/18/2022 22:07 Published: 18.03.2022, 15:34 BEIJING/Washington — Chinese President Xi Jinping told US President Joe Biden in a video call today that conflicts and clashes such as the events in Ukraine are irrelevant. In reference to Chinese state media, Reuters reported. According to the Chinese president, China and the United States should lead their … Read more

Ukraine got Makariv back. Russians are deporting children from Mariupol, kyiv says

Satellite images also indicate the accumulation of assault weapons in Gomel, Belarus, near the border with Ukraine, Unian reported. However, according to the British Ministry of Defence, Russian forces appear to be “stuck” in Ukraine and are not making any significant progress. Similarly, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a statement released this evening that … Read more

Russians bombed Mariupol buses, Ukraine claims. Children were also injured

The Russian Federation Navy, meanwhile, continues to blockade Ukraine’s Sea of ​​Azov coast and, according to the British, is firing missiles at targets on the mainland. “The blockade of the Ukrainian coasts risks aggravating the humanitarian crisis by preventing the supply of the basic needs of the civilian population”, indicates the British report. According to … Read more

A Ukrainian doctor in Ostrava helps refugees and fears for his parents every day

Updates: 21.03.2022 14:32 Published: 21.03.2022, 14:32 Ostrava – Tetjana Prochorenková, a 35-year-old Ukrainian, lived a happy life in the Czech Republic for more than three years before the outbreak of war. But the war changed everything. A qualified doctor who helps maintain medical records for insurance companies at the Municipal Hospital in Ostrava has been … Read more

Uncle or smuggler? Children fleeing Ukraine are targets of human traffickers

kyiv has already announced that it is toughening the rules for dealing with at-risk children. The Aerial Recovery team is working with Ukrainian authorities to create a system that would make it easier to track parentless children in the country. “The Ukrainian government really doesn’t have the capacity to handle this problem on its own,” … Read more

Refugees were also accommodated in Bečov Castle and an entertainment program was prepared for children.

Updates: 03/16/2022 19:26 Published: 16.03.2022, 19:26 Bečov nad Teplou (Karlovy Vary region) – Bečov Castle and State Castle in Karlovy Vary have joined forces to help refugees from war-torn Ukraine. He welcomed more than twenty of them directly on site and prepared a program for today’s refugee children. The management of the national monument is … Read more