Artificial intelligence also helps us improve our customer experience, says Monika Hrubá from Česká spořitelna

What does one-on-one customer service look like in your app? So that we can offer everyone a tailor-made solution. Today, for example, I have an appointment with our client, who wrote to me on LinkedIn that she was not completely satisfied and was considering leaving. I offered her a date and such a transparent view … Read more

Pavel Heczko: At ČSOB, we are developing the tool of the future

How would you describe Kate in two sentences? Kate is a partner of our employees in the branch network. It accompanies them in their work, helps them to have better results, and above all they feel good about helping their clients as best they can. How is it different from other internal information systems that … Read more

Banks seek ways to pay on salary, kf Air Bank

How is he now connected?The pending regulatory approval of the transaction in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It usually takes you three months, saying it could be finished in April. And at Monet, preparation for the next chapter is underway. Once we have to sell the transaction, it should happen around the middle of the … Read more

How does anxiety affect a person’s relationship to their own body?

I admit: I have always struggled with weight and appearance. As a child, I was too tall for my age, round, and had the best grades. Unfortunately, this is ideal the basis for you to become a class bastardwho will be daily of those most sincere (and also the worst) classmates to find out how … Read more