What the government is hiding. Warning around Koudelka. The surprised boy

19.04.2022 4:44 | Analysis “Our real reserves are much smaller than the government in the area of ​​euthanasia,” commentator Petr Holec warns readers of ParlamentníchListů.cz. “Our economy would probably go into wartime rationing mode,” he said of the possibility of shutting down Russian gas. He also handles relations between the government, the media and the … Read more

Wealthy Ukrainians also arrived in expensive cars. And they take advantage of it. Filtered! Grandmother snatched the avalanche with her words. Very large

16.04.2022 12:22 | From the nets In Saturday’s interview with Právo, former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) said wealthy Ukrainians coming to the Czech Republic and receiving benefits “should be filtered out”. And came Šídl on Twitter that Babiš is also a wealthy migrant who has attracted considerable controversial grants. Patrik Nacher (YES) MEP cut … Read more

General Paul begged. I refused. The artist Ruppert painted them all. Zeman and Babiš, they say that the problems start from the cradle

“We’re not having a good time right now, it’s a war, I have a sick daughter, my best friend can be known in these extreme situations,” he said, making a lot of music with his wonderful wife and good friend Roman. Holý, leader of Monkey Business. survey Are you in favor of building a NATO … Read more

Babiš knocked: Where will Fiala put the billions? Who? It’s bad

Andrej Babiš, former Prime Minister and President of the YES opposition movement, was the guest of Breakfast with Nova. “The government of Petr Fiala has secretly approved 4.6 billion for Ukrainian refugees. Why don’t they say where the money goes? And why don’t they give it to our people who pay it?” Babiš said on … Read more

Babiš rushed out on camera. Papers in hand: the purple government is lying to you! i have it here

11.04.2022 16:18 | From the nets After a week-long hiatus, former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) signed up for his regular show Chow People. “There are so many things that have happened,” remarked Babiš, who had recently undergone minor surgery, but as he assured, he is fine. Photo: Hans StemberaThe description: Andrej Babis “The Prime … Read more

Not the politics of gestures, but the politics of values, preached Pekarová in Odessa. Fiala, the first since Havel…

The ODS is holding an electoral congress on Friday and Saturday. After many years as the strongest ruling party. But also the year when the Russian army invaded Ukraine. Therefore, Ukrainian Ambassador Yevhen Perebyjnis had the opportunity to speak at the congress. But not only him. The president of the TOP 09, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, … Read more

Did Fiala earn your pensions? He doesn’t tell the truth. Stanjura completely incompetent, he does not understand. The damning analysis of Babiš

28.03.2022 17:32 | From the nets On his regular show Chow, former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) commented on people on social media about the refugee crisis and noted that he was doing his best for refugees. “I help Ukrainians, but I also help Czechs. And our government mainly helped, but it is your duty … Read more