Crying white man. What are the traditional roles that men are now losing?

How exactly does feminism irritate men’s feet? How can women’s growing self-confidence pose a threat to men? In the new issue of Heroine magazine, sociologist Lucie Jarkovská asks why men don’t have it easy, how privilege works in a patriarchal society, and what really caused the current manhood crisis. When someone claims to be in … Read more

Despite the “shoebox” photos, Václav Bacovský took the heart of walking in the mountains and taking photos to heart

You like to take pictures in our region in the Jičín region and in the Bohemian Paradise. You come from this area, don’t you?Yes, I came to the radio from the small village of Oruby, which is not far from Sobotka. So I actually live on the border of Hradec Králové and Central Bohemia, to … Read more

Pavel Heczko: At ČSOB, we are developing the tool of the future

How would you describe Kate in two sentences? Kate is a partner of our employees in the branch network. It accompanies them in their work, helps them to have better results, and above all they feel good about helping their clients as best they can. How is it different from other internal information systems that … Read more

Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | Zábranský and Erat in the national team and Kometa: Libor is like a good slivovice

In Kometa, they created an axis of operation, which led the colossus from Brno to two titles in a row. One ran the cabin as a key striker, the other the whole club. Now Martin Erat (40) and Libor Zábranský (48) have met in the role of assistants to Finnish expert Kari Jalonen in the … Read more

Ebra Returns Mega Autograph Session. A bunch of celebrities, only Pawlowska did not arrive. Glosa Iva Fencla

04/19/2022 Photo: Courtesy of Vráťa Ebr The description: Drawing after an invitation by Slávek Martenko The last month of March, I spent a few hours at the signature event at Café de Sainte Ludmila on Náměstí Míru. On the one hand, I timidly distributed the signatures, on the other hand, I collected the signatures myself. … Read more

There, Russia will break through. You better shut up! Sandor on TV hard

A large part of the Russian military is involved in the offensive in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said. With the battle in the east, Russia wants to take control of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and ensure the stability of the land corridor with Crimea. CNN Prima News spoke to security adviser … Read more

As long as Putin is in power, there will be a war with the West. Despite the fact that NATO does not want it, says post-Soviet space expert Valvoda

And Personality Plus continues: “Putin decided to put his size and the size of Russia on the conflict with the West. He has been preparing Russian society for the Great War for ten years. His propaganda, not only through the news, but also through various series, all of them say their original work, describes the … Read more