What did Adina Mandlová, who made men in the comedy Girl or Boy, complain about?

Adina Mandlová and Raoul Hid in the movie Girl or Boy Photo: TV List

April 19, 2022 7:11 p.m.

Comedies in which men dress up as women are grateful to the audience. Suffice it to recall Someone Like It Hot (1959), Tootsie (1982) or Dad in a Skirt (1993). But there are also films where women pretend to be men, and in this case we can go straight to Czech waters: Iva Janžurová (Four Murders Enough, Darling, 1970), Daniela Kolářová (Night at Karlštejn, 1973 ) or Libuše Šafránková (Three Nuts for Cinderella, 1973).

In this list, we must not forget the classic memorial Girl or Boy (1938), where the first Republican star of the first magnitude, Adina Mandlová, took on this double role.

Love and love failures of Adina Mandlová: her first husband was poisoned by gas, she gave birth to a dead child

The story is simple: wealthy landowner Orlický (Theodor Pištěk) is a sworn enemy of women after three unsuccessful marriages and demands the same attitude from all his employees. This also applies to his nephew Ríša (Raoul Schránil), who lives with him. So that the boy does not seek women, his uncle invites him to a contest – his second nephew, the cabaret singer Áda Bártů (Adina Mandlová), whose existence he had only vague knowledge. But Orlický has no idea that Áda is actually a girl who performs on stage in a man’s costume…

“Trouser stains” roared in Germany

The comedy was directed by Vladimír Slavínský, who also cast other well-known comic actors: Václav TRÉG (the landlord Kropáček’s secretary), Růžena Šlemrová (the landlord’s Lenská) or Ferenc Futurist (the valet Alois).

Even star Adina Mandlová had to have a sideline. But Vlasta Burian came to this huge price for the famous movie!

Slavínský was inspired by Germany, where trouser stains were in play at the time, i.e. those in which actresses posed as young men, and thus faced various comically embarrassing situations, whether smoking a cigar, drinking, measuring forces or bathing and undressing. scenes. However, their “second self” is finally revealed and after all the ups and downs, the long awaited happy ending will take place.

Roller sewn to the body

In our country, such roles were the domain of “diblik” Věra Ferbasová, whose characters very often used various masks and disguises (including Attention, Haunts, 1938 or Venoušek and Stázička, 1939), but there was no no reason why he can’t try out the role of sexsysy 30s pants Adina Mandlová.

In an interview with Josef Škvorecký, the actress recalled the shooting: “This was written by director and screenwriter Vladimír Slavínský directly for me. Before that, we made two films together: The White Crow and The Honeymoon. He said he would make me a big star, and he really did. I had to learn to type, which I enjoyed. In the movie, I had to shave as a man, which I didn’t like so much. »

Women were at his feet, but he also rejected Adina Mandlova. The famous film buff spent a year in crime after the war

great tap dancer

It was filmed at the Hubertus Hotel in Jíloviště, known as “Jíloviště Castle”, which was built in the Renaissance style in 1921-1922. Adina Mandlová came into the male lead very convincingly and mastered the tap. It is mainly thanks to her that the Girl or the Boy is a fresh and pleasant comedy.

But it’s also in good taste thanks to the fact that the director has avoided the bedroom, bathing and hushed scenes. If you haven’t seen it yet, catch it on TV List on April 19 at 8 p.m. – you’re sure to have a blast.

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