PHOTO: Nymburk rocked Děčín in the final quarter to lead 2-0

In the third part, there was an improvement on the local side, but every time we managed to get closer, Děčín’s response followed, especially in the presentation of Šiška. After one of his six threes, Děčín already led by 14 points. But then, Nymburk’s reluctance to lose started to win. The players, who hadn’t been able to do so until now, caught their breath and gradually began to turn the game around.

The main characters in the turnaround were Petr Benda and Harding, who scored 15 of his 19 points in the final quarter. His good defense, wins and raids on the basket helped the home team recover. Harding then hit a three, which brought a final twist in the score. Immediately, Luboš Kovář added eight points and Děčín didn’t have the strength for another round.

“It’s a playoff and a balanced chance for everyone. It requires a different approach for the players. Děčín showed very good defense, while we struggled to attack and didn’t even shoot missiles open. We didn’t even get into the trash can. Our opponent really controlled us,” admitted Nymburk coach Aleksander Sekulič. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. For me, the key moment was already at the start, when we were leading 10:4 and then we gave our opponents a lot of space, Děčín grabbed the string 14:0, gained confidence and it became a difficult game for us. We can’t afford such breakdowns. We moved the ball well in the last quarter and showed our strength. The players deserve a lot of recognition for that,” Sekulič said of the game.

PHOTO, DISTRICT: Přerov showed great turn against bohemian Bohemian Poděbrady

“We had an even better game than on Saturday. I have to go past the Děčín players, because for a long time no Czech team in this hall showed such a performance. For us, the defeat is all the more painful because we We were in the lead for 25 minutes, which is not quite usual. Then, with our own defeats in the fourth quarter, we had a home team on horseback,” said guest coxswain Tomáš Grepl. “Jim started attacking like a snap, and it was hard to stop. It was a good result for us, a good performance, but I think we had more. Who knows when Nymburk and I will be at again so close. We are ready to play for blood again on Thursday, ”said the Děčín coach.

Experienced Nymburk basketball player Petr Benda had reservations about his side’s performance. “What we did for the first twenty minutes was a bit of a shame on our part,” he admitted. “We were out mostly in the attacking half. We couldn’t pass the ball, we played statically, we took a lot of heavy hits through the players. But that was because the ball was n didn’t travel much, we just walked in attack, we didn’t play our game. I thought the cup final won’t be repeated. We have to be careful. It’s a playoff and no game won’t be easy. Even though Děčín had a bad start to the season, they are now proving that it belongs in the playoffs. They left everything in the game. But I have to get our team back that we didn’t stop from the unfavorable development. I think it will be the fourth, fifth time this year that we rise and start playing aggressively on offense and suddenly balls started falling and our game looked like we had before,” said Benda said.

Děčín’s Ondřej Šiška was the game’s top scorer with twenty-nine points. “We are very sorry to lose. We showed that we could play with Nymburk and that he was defeated. Unfortunately, in the second half, we did not face the aggression of the hosts, who hardened a lot. They got free shots, on the contrary, we pushed in shots that are not usual for us. He also stopped wandering the ball. The home team equalized the score, but we still managed to get up and take the lead. I don’t think we were mentally ready to beat Nymburk. On top of all that, there were foul issues and Ty Nichols, who had a great game, committed a foul, and we missed him at the end,” said Šiška. “But I still trust our team and that we can beat them and I think we will come back to the Nymburk room. I got caught in the first half. The boys created good positions for me, I gave three threes in the first half and then I believed more. After committing a foul on Nichols, I felt the need to take more,” added the game’s top scorer.

Nymburk – Dec 91:84 (18:18, 15:27, 23:18, 35:21)

Most points: Ross 20, Harding 19, Benda 15, Hruban 13, Kovář 10, Routt 7, Palyza and Tůma after 3, Cross 1 – Šiška 29, Nichols 20, Pomikálek and Osaikhwuwuomwan after 11. Fouls: 26:23 . THU: 29/21 – 37/28. Threesomes: 8:10 a.m. Rebounds: 34:36. Defeats: 1:17 p.m. Earnings: 9:7. Assist: 5:12 p.m.

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