Karviná respects paramedics, she enjoyed the best for the first time

19.04.2022 9:34 | Press release

For the first time in its history, Karviná praised doctors and medical staff. The award, gift and flower ceremony took place on Thursday, April 7, 2022 at Fryštát Castle within the framework of World Health Day in the presence of Mayor of Karviná Jan Wolf (ČSSD), Deputy Mayor Miroslav Hajdušík (KSČM) and the head of the Department of Education and Development Martina Šrámková. Anna Opartyová, a student at the People’s Conservatory and the Music School in Ostrava, intensified the festive atmosphere with her singing.

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“The doctors deserve an award. Their work, especially over the past two years, has been hectic and demanding. They have managed the pandemic period very well, they have shown us how indispensable they are, they have helped people of our city. A big thank you to the winners and other health professionals who take care of our health on a daily basis”, said the mayor of Karviná, Jan Wolf (ČSSD).

The selected healthcare professionals deserved public thanks and awards for their efforts, hard work, exemplary activity and professional and highly ethical approach to patients, as well as for the extraordinary range of other activities related to the provision health care. Health professionals could be nominated by both professionals and the general public.

Prizes were awarded in the following categories:

  • Important Person of the Year – Doctor,
  • Distinctive Person of the Year – Nurse,
  • Reward for many years of activity in the field.

The awards at the ceremony did not hide the joy and emotion. “It’s a very nice feeling, because it shows that the work that not only me, but also the whole team is doing, is not wasted,” said one of the award-winning doctors Jiří Slepánek from Karviná Hospital. -Raj. Another winner, Jana Wilczynská from Rájec Hospital, also made the city happy with this stage. “I was very pleasantly surprised. I was honored for my life’s work at the hospital. I did my job with all my heart, and some cases are etched under your skin.” The owner of the Karviná Mining Hospital, Milan Canibal, who took care of the proper functioning of the entire establishment, also came for the award. “I would like to see such attention paid to health care at future, because I think doctors and nurses deserve it, and it will benefit the cause.” The award for medical professionals will become a tradition in Karviná, as will the annual award for social workers, cultural personalities, teachers or athletes is a tradition.


I. category – Distinctive personality of the year – doctor

MUDr. Peter Kultan

MUDr. Peter Kultan has been working at KHN since 2008. He works as an outpatient doctor in gastroenterology. Besides working in a hospital, he is also employed in the emergency medical service. In the fall of 2020, at the time of the pandemic, he was appointed head of the Covid service and the Covid intensive care unit. Here his organizational skills were demonstrated in such a way that patient care was exemplary under limited conditions and at increased hygienic risk. Here he used his long experience in the rapid medical service in intensive care. He performs nearly a thousand examinations at his workplace each year. For organizational skills and satisfactory results, MUDr. Peter Kultan is appointed Head of Internal Services. Under his leadership, a new follow-up service was also opened this year. In conclusion, it can be concluded that this is a highly qualified doctor who has excellent organizational skills, can lead a team of doctors and non-doctors, is empathetic, appreciated by colleagues and patients.

MUDr. Miroslav Zajicek (was not present in person due to workload)

MUDr. Miroslav Zajíček acts as the main BRA. He is one of the key employees of the hospital. He decides on the treatment of seriously ill patients on a daily basis, and he also applied this experience during the pandemic, which was rewarded by the hospital director.

II. category – Distinctive personality of the year – Nurse

Miroslava Kasingova

Miroslava Kašingová works as a station nurse at KHN, as In 1987 she joined the neurology department as a general nurse, where after 10 years of experience and additional specialized education in the field of intensive care and mainly due to her character and organizational characteristics, where she became a station nurse Department of Neurology and Intensive Care. She remained there until the restructuring of the hospital. After a retraining, she took over the orthopedic service as a station nurse. He also works as an internal auditor and is a member of the quality council. In 2020, she takes over the management of the Covid non-medical medical team, where she benefits from years of experience in the neurology department. In the fall of 2020, the nurse provided the new service with equipment, both material and personnel, so that its operation could be launched in January 2021. Surroundings.

Rita Vilaškova

Rita Vilášková works as a head nurse at the Orlová hospital and as a mediator at the Karviná hospital. He provides assistance to patients or their close family, relatives and friends, if necessary, in solving problems that arise during hospital treatment and defends their rights. The petitioner particularly appreciated her managerial skills, which she demonstrated during the pandemic.

III. category – Award for long-term activity in the field

Msgr. Pavlina Klaputova

Msgr. Klaputová works as head of the health insurance department at Karviná-Ráj Hospital. His role entails enormous demands for guidance in this difficult problem. Msgr. Klaputová is characterized by high professionalism, she has the ability to lead a good team and cooperate with all hospital operations.

Canibal Kite

Milan Canibal has worked in the health field for over 40 years. First as Chief of Operations, later as Deputy and Technical Assistant at Orlová Hospital. In 2001 he began to rebuild the hospital. It started with new operating theaters and intensive care units and continued with other operations. Complete reconstruction and modernization of the hospital took place until 2017, when the last workplace, the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, was reconstructed. Milan Canibal created a plan to expand orthopedic care, which included increasing the number of operations performed and outpatient care. In 25 years of significant and intensive work, the hospital has become known to the professional public in the Czech Republic and has become popular with citizens of MSK, as well as the whole Czech Republic and cross-border areas, which contributes in a significant to the visibility and promotion of the city and the region. Thanks to his many years of activity, he has made KHN one of the best hospitals in the Czech Republic.

Jana Wilczynska

Jana Wilczynská has been working at Karviná-Ráj Hospital since her graduation. She has been working as a social nurse since the certificate. It provides everything for patients who find themselves in a bad situation, from adoption, to social care and including the provision of LDN. Ms. Wilczyn is empathetic, willing and always able to handle and handle every situation with a big picture view.

MUDr. Jiří Slepanek

MUDr. Jiří Slepánek works in the main eye department of Karviná-Ráj Hospital. He is an excellent professional with excellent organizational skills, especially in managing a team in a managed department, he has an extremely human approach and a good experience.

MUDr. Lucia Serišova

MUDr. Lucie Serišová works as a general practitioner for adults. He has expertise, a human approach, a high level of self-training and applies the latest knowledge in his field.

MUDr. Lucyna Frankova

MUDr. Lucyna Franková works as a doctor in the field of dentistry, specializing in paradentology for almost 60 years. He is a doctor with many years of experience who cares for adults, children and adolescents. She has dedicated her entire personal and professional life to dentistry and applied science in practice. His main area was paradentology with an emphasis on the prevention of children and adults and the treatment of the acute conditions of periodontitis.

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