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“I would like to know. So she bought everything she needed and started learning how to paint Easter eggs. It’s Mrs. Helena, a respectable 75-year-old who masters brilliantly, despite her health restrictions, the decoration of puffed eggs. I stumbled upon it by accident, thanks to an ad on Facebook. She is so modest that she does not want to give her last name.

“I made Easter eggs myself, at first with my husband, which unfortunately I don’t have today. One day, about 20 years ago, I was watching Easter trailers where I was fascinated by painted easter eggs. And I thought I would like to know. So I discussed it with my husband, bought crayons, some regular beeswax, and my husband smart assembled such a “widget” for me and started. From simple and ordinary patterns, I gradually improved them and invented my own patterns. Well, today it is like this, “ describes Mrs. Helen with a broad smile his debut.

“Every time someone came to my cottage, I lovingly gave them ten eggs. I love to make them and then I love them to my family and friends.”

Helena prefers to paint with wax, but she can do it with a drill. These eggs are then called “scraped”. “But I wouldn’t talk about it much, because it’s terrible and tedious work.” admits “Podblanicko’s grandmother”. In addition to the mentioned methods, she tried straw decorating in the past, but as she says, she didn’t succeed. “I really like it, it’s my hobby, I’ve been shortening for a while. Garden, flowers and Easter eggs. In addition, I appreciate various ties and crowns, for example for Dušičky, ” said Helena enthusiastically.

“It may be primitive, but it works.”

I wonder how such a wax painted egg is made. “I’m going to light a little tealight candle. I have an old aluminum spoon mounted on the glass, I put the candle under it and off I go. It may be improvised, primitive, but it works. » described Helen. But before the “waxing” itself, the egg must be properly prepared. “I have to soak the egg in water to separate the white. Then I clean the egg, degrease it, let it dry, then comes the time to paint the colored background, then comes the time to wax it -even. We will have to work”, adds Helen.

Colors are part of Easter, so I’m wondering which type works best for a colored background? Helena says she actually used matte latex paint on the base from the very beginning. “It works great with it. But I’m running out. Now I’ve bought new colors, very bright and shiny, so maybe I’ll be fine with them too. I also use onions and white wax for coloring, which is very nice. And I also paint on white eggs.”

What colors hold up best?

Maybe you know that too. If you start coloring eggs for singers, you may be disappointed with the result. In the dyeing container, the egg has a fairly uniform color, but after drying it ugly “rips”. Helena has the same experience. “That’s why I ditched the classic bag colors, the eggs are speckled after them and I can’t do it with them either. That’s why I use the mentioned latex paints in little boxes. I work on them from the beginning, I dilute them with water”, advise.

Easter is a few days away, so looks like Mrs. Helena won’t stop now. But the opposite is true. He devotes himself to Kraslice all year round, usually every day or every other day. “I have a back yard and a garden in the cottage, and that costs something in time. Also, I’m after spinal surgery, so I can’t be bent for a long time, sitting for a long time, standing for a long time. So I really paint after a while. I can sit there for about two hours and then I start doing something else again. Besides, if I have to do something urgently, for example quickly before Easter, then I don’t like it and I spoil it. »

Helena chooses different color combinations when decorating. “I personally like the blue-white, green-white or maybe yellow-black-red combination,” he says.

Helena works with hollow eggs, that is to say blown eggs. A process that no one really wants. “I blow my eggs myself, even though I have asthma. When I’m with my daughter, she helps me with that. At home, the eggs help me blow my friends. But it doesn’t always work , for example, when the hole is too big”, said Mrs. Helena, adding that she usually has eggs from her friends. “Alternatively we buy them because the girl I’m with now doesn’t have any chickens. So now we’ve bought eggs from the store and my daughter has made 30 homemade egg noodles so I have eggs hollow, ” Helen laughs. It still processes egg yolks and egg whites from puffed eggs. “We won’t throw it away.”

For each craft, the most expensive time is the time the artist spends on their product. The same goes for decorating Easter eggs. “The scratched eggs mentioned last much longer than the waxed eggs, and I’m not even talking about the pierced eggs. It will even take me 2h30, because I’m afraid to push harder so that it doesn’t crack. It can be produce when the hull is weak. So I’m really sorry,” said Helen.

He always distributes finished eggs to his family and friends. “Do you have an egg at home that you are very proud of and would never give to anyone?” I’m interested in. “Everyone is beautiful to me. But maybe my daughter always chooses the one she likes the most, I like to leave her. I love drilled people, but they are very demanding. Otherwise, I don’t I don’t have any hidden in my house”, answers me.

“The gray wax is enough to roll by hand”

Easter eggs can be an Easter decoration for many years, for example, the wax one, according to Helena, will last a very long time. Until they break, of course. “But sometimes it happens that part of the wax in the wax, for example, turns gray the following year, I mean the painting itself. Just run your hand lightly and it will come to life,” he said. she stated. advises the artist.

Easter includes egg coloring and painting, and Christmas includes gingerbread decorating. But Helena doesn’t like it that much. “My hand is shaking due to my illness, so I have to rest it on my body a lot when decorating eggs. So I can’t paint gingerbread for Christmas, for example.” said Helen.

are artistic activities that are often passed down from generation to generation. It’s a little different with Ms. Helena. But she’s not too afraid that her hobby isn’t “who will take over.” “No one in the family paints with me, but I have a 30-year-old granddaughter who is very creative and adaptable, she could have fun here in her old age. She wouldn’t have time for that now, she has two little boys and a house with a garden takes care of them. He has perfect taste, probably after me. So maybe this art will not be lost in the family”, hopes Mrs. Helena, who has been painting Easter eggs for twenty years. But is there anything that still tempts her to try? “Even when my husband and I lived in Prague, I flirted with the idea that they would start painting in black ink on white eggs with a light pen. But that didn’t catch me. It’s important to have a precise line, and my shaky hands can’t do that.”

So far, she has distributed her Easter eggs to her family and everyone who loved them. Thanks to her grandson, however, that has changed a bit this year.. “This year, for the first time, the grandson put an ad on Facebook. He wanted the energy I had put into making Easter eggs over the years to come back to me. You know how it is with these pensions. And I’m not talking about rising energy prices and something like that. So I’m sending cash on delivery. I put the Easter eggs in the egg holder, arrange them with a lot of crumpled paper and I put them in a bigger box. So I think everyone will be fine,” Helen hopes.

He does not keep accurate records

As already mentioned, Helena devotes herself almost every day to Easter eggs. But he does not know exactly how many he will decorate in a year. “The exact number cannot be stated, I used to keep records, now I don’t keep them anymore. Now, for example, I will try to count how many I have done.”

Painting Easter eggs is an important part of Helena’s life. Her family appreciates this, she speaks with great love of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. “I read about it, I do crosswords, I cook myself at the cottage. I try to function like a healthy person and no one has known me about diseases. Painting eggs mainly keeps me alive, if I didn’t work like that, I probably wouldn’t enjoy the world anymore” the seventy-five-year-old grandmother concludes our conversation.

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