I see Skyler’s character as a Renaissance woman!

Skyler returns to the Street series after a hiatus. Portrayed by actress Michelle Hansen. How was it for her to take on the role of Sara Sandeva? And what does that have to do with this character? You will find out in the interview. In the video you will find out what Skyler does. How will his presence affect the relationship between František and Bára?

How did you prepare for the role of Skyler played by Sara Sandeva opposite you?

I had a compilation of the important moments Skyler had in the story. I wondered how Sara played it, and especially how she spoke. I tried to keep an acceptable accent for the spectator and who listens well. However, we agreed that I could take the character my way. Skyler has grown up, she has new life experiences, and her personality has naturally changed a bit.

Skyler sometimes speaks Czech, sometimes English. Will the public understand you?

Yes, if they don’t understand me, the headlines will help.

Which scenario do you receive in which language?

The scripts are half in Czech and half in English. To know in which part it would be better to say Czech. On the other hand, I have quite a bit of freedom in this regard. In any case, learning texts partly in two languages ​​is quite a challenge.

What does an adult Skyler look like?

Skyler strikes me as an open and active person who knows exactly what he wants out of life. She is outgoing, unbridled and confident. Sometimes she is so focused on her goal that she neglects her surroundings. But that’s not bad, although it can sometimes work that way. Skyler was concentrating on photography. Today, she is a director who can creatively put together many different artistic elements. He usually has a very good artistic sense and can handle a lot. I perceive the figure of Skyler as a Renaissance woman.

Why is Skyler coming back to Prague?

She had a great opportunity. He will direct a multimedia performance and will contact Franta to participate in the project with her.

Do you have anything in common with Skyler?

Definitively! I’m both determined. When I have my outgoing moment, I can relate to Skyler too. And we share the love of travel.

How are you different?

There are a lot of things I disagree with. First of all, I probably couldn’t have my child on the sidelines, when motherhood is often not a priority for Skyler. She had Chris at seventeen and would like to fulfill another dream. His vigilance is not near me either. But overall, I get it. Skyler has many layers, neither good nor bad. Everything he does has a reason.

Relations between Skyler and Bára (Eliška Bašusová), but also František (Matyáš Valenta), are quite tense. How is it really?

In fact, Maty and Eliška and I sat down well from the first day of shooting. I think we have great chemistry between us, and we work well together. My son’s serial rep Michael Lorenc also has great energy. When we shoot, it’s quite lively on the spot.

Michelle, your name isn’t typically Czech, what is it?

I was born in Denmark, where my father is from. My mother is Czech. It is said that before I was born, my parents debated a lot about whether to give me a Czech or Danish name. In the end, they agreed on the French name Michelle based on their common favorite Beatles song.

How long have you lived in Denmark?

I started primary school in the Czech Republic. But I still have half of my family on my father’s side.

I was interested in photos with a pig on your Instagram. Is this your pet?

My friend’s cousin lives outside Prague and keeps various pets there. I almost brought this piggy bank home, but unfortunately I didn’t make it.

Are pets not allowed in your household?

On the contrary. We have a shared pug in the family and would love to have our own dog. But so far we have not chosen a breed that would fit our way of life. I really wanted a border collie, but I can’t imagine that she would go on set with me, for example, or on the contrary, that she would be locked up at home forever.

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You travel a lot, so I wanted to ask you what is your favorite place on the planet?

I may surprise you, but I prefer my home, so my answer is the city of Prague. If I had to choose a place abroad, it would be Paris. I have friends there and I feel like I used to live there. Then, of course, I really like Denmark, especially the wild and untamed sea.

During the photo shoot, it was impossible not to notice that you had experience with modeling. Why did acting finally win?

Modeling has never been the goal of my life. I’ve always enjoyed the acting part of the photo shoot. It was a good form of extra income in school, but my dream was to act, I just didn’t want to admit it for a long time.

What school did you graduate from?

At Charles University, I studied the history of European culture with a focus on literary sciences. The school gave me a lot of background information which was useful for my originally planned profession.

And it was?

During my studies, I worked in the foreign section of the Economia press house. I had planned to be a reporter in the Middle East. I even learned Arabic for almost four years, which I would like to return to one day. However, I finally decided to work in a way that better met my artistic ambitions.

So how did you become an actor?

I’ve been doing theater since I was a kid. I always liked it, but it was impossible for me to earn a living professionally. The turning point for me came after my studies in 2021, when I took a year off to earn a living just as an actor. The same year, I had the role of Skyler in Street. And it turned out that I could fully devote myself to acting.

It must have taken courage. Do you have a recommendation for someone considering such a big life change?

I don’t like to preach to anyone. But in my experience, I’d like to think it’s never too late for anything. People are very often locked into their own profession. They accept that he defines them to some degree, even if he does not fulfill them. At some point, I realized that I could be proud of where I was and at the same time allow myself not to be afraid of being in a completely different field at the start. Life is colorful and you have to adapt it, no matter what others think.

Do you have other projects?

I would like to continue my acting career. I am open to all opportunities. I would also like to develop other creative ways. I love music, but my priority is acting.

And what do you like to do besides acting, singing and traveling?

I like running. It’s good for my body and my soul. A watch running with music or a podcast in my ears is guaranteed to clear my head.

What are the three most important things you always carry with you?

In addition to a mobile phone or a book, I almost always have my creative notebook with me, where I write down ideas and various other positive notes.

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