Football was forbidden, so she discovered floorball. Now he’s winning on both fronts

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“As for floorball, it was an absolutely amazing run. Before the start of the season, probably no one expected us to be able to do so well. We went to the first two matches mainly because we wanted to play, and it “It was a victory over Rokycany and a precious draw with Slavia from Pilsen. In the end, no one could beat us in nine rounds. It was like a miracle, “smiles the little girl.

Michaela Röschelová, floorball player and soccer player.Michaela Röschelová, floorball player and soccer player.Source: Yvetta Chmelova

And what about the title with Cobra in the Girls Amateur Football League?
I entered this competition as a newcomer. I didn’t know what to expect, what strong opponents we had against each other, or who to watch out for. However, our team went through the whole competition relatively smoothly and in the penultimate round, when we beat our biggest rivals, PS Křeč Mochtín, the title was decided in our favour. Being part of such successful teams is a great honor for me.

Klatovský Jan Zajíček shortly before his third goal, which ensured his team the three points from the field of Sedlčany Tatran (3-2).

How much will a hat trick cost? I don’t know, but the boys will definitely write it to me, smiled Bunny

How did you get into floorball and football?
I started playing floorball in fifth grade in the school circle. One day coach Jan Hořký from Klatovy Sports Club came to see if any of us wanted to play for the official Klatovy club. I was delighted with this offer, I wanted to try it, so I left. I’ve been playing floorball here for seven years.

And football?
I wanted to play it as a little girl. My mother wouldn’t let me, so I started floorball. Recently, however, I again expressed the desire to play football and, paradoxically, it was my mother who, through her student, my current teammate, organized the first training for the Kobra Stars team. . I am officially playing football for the team for the first year.

Sokol Hartmanice footballer Petr Sládek (in yellow and black jersey) during the weekend match of the 17th round III.  class against Železná Ruda (3-1).

Ten on your back? I’m the best Hartmanic player, laugh Sládek laughs

While in floorball you catch balls as a goalkeeper, in the Winter Girls Amateur Soccer League you enter the field as a player. What inspired you to become a floorball goalkeeper and why don’t you defend three bars even among footballers?
In floorball, I tried to play in the field and catch, and after the first tournament where I was in goal, I was immediately cleared. I really like defending the ball in goal. It is also a great responsibility. In football, I like to play on the field more because there are more touches on the ball. I like to combine, defend, but also try to score goals.

Michaela Röschelová, floorball player and soccer player.Michaela Röschelová, floorball player and soccer player.Source: Denik / Martin Mangl

During this year’s floorball season, you regularly took turns in goal with your colleague Terezia Tomanová. When you didn’t catch up, you had a chance on the pitch thanks to the coaches. Did you like it? what was that?
It was a terrible habit for me. Find yourself in the middle of the field as a floorball attacker only? It seemed to me that I was still missing something, to be so “free”, I don’t know much about this feeling. However, everything is to try, I played well and even added an assist.

Extract from the Deník archives: Husínský kros.

The cross of Husín was won by Tomáš Görner, the best woman was Nikola Hatová from Pilsen

While you mastered the regional league without a single loss, in the first round of the playoffs, you fell with favorites Black Angels. What was the experience for you playing against such a reputable and high quality opponent?
An incredible experience! Even if we clearly lost the double match, we put everything. In the match, we were pushed by the fans, who created an incredible atmosphere for us. After the game, we thanked everyone who supported us throughout the season. The girls and I then ate a cake on the board, which was a reward for our performances this year. The team was in good spirits all afternoon and evening.

Michaela Röschelová, floorball player and soccer player.Michaela Röschelová, floorball player and soccer player.Source: Yvetta Chmelova

Back to the Women’s Amateur Football League. How does it feel to play with teammates who are often much older than you? Did you have any issues or problems?
On the contrary, I take it as a big advantage. The girls have played a lot of matches, so they can advise me what and how to improve. Our group remains united. From the beginning, the girls try to help me and advise me. Praises from them also come for partial progress. And I greatly appreciate that. I feel very good among them.

Football, floorball, we already know that. But what about other sports?
I do not practice any other sport for the club. But otherwise, I like most team and ball sports. What I would really like to try at least once in my life is to catch a hockey goal (smile).

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