By card, mobile or cash? How often do you most often pay in-store? – Ž

Six years ago, modern contactless mobile payments took over the Czech Republic, and two years later we were able to pay with a smartwatch for the first time. Did these manners enchant you so much that you stopped using the cards? Or do you still not have the means to have money?

In today’s survey, we therefore ask you how you pay most often in physical stores or services, let’s not mix e-stores. Our editors traditionally open the discussion.

Filip Kůžel


I’ve been looking forward to having the payment method in my smartwatch for so long when I’m not using it now because I have my cell phone with me pretty much all the time and it’s more convenient with it. The watch is small for entering a PIN and a smaller NFC antenna means I don’t hit the terminal antenna more often, it takes a while.

I haven’t had a physical card in my hand for several months. Together with the money, it is in the wallet somewhere at the bottom of the backpack. Perhaps only abroad a card from Revolut comes into action more often.

Lukas Vaclavik


Preferably with a watch, but more often with a map. I regularly pay for groceries with a company meal card, which unfortunately doesn’t support Garmin Pay, so I can go stabbing with my Vivoactive 4.

I don’t use my cell phone much after the initial enthusiasm, as I carry it in a flip case, which I think attenuates the range of the NFC enough, so that the terminal sometimes does not beep for the first time. And I don’t like opening it either, especially with the woefully unreliable in-screen optical fingerprint reader. I really prefer to take the card out of my wallet.

I can only get money from the hairdresser or various stalls that have no terminal at all. I still can’t do without papers and pieces of steel.

Marek Lutonsky


It’s been three years since Apple launched its Pay service in the Czech Republic, so since February 2019 I’ve only been paying for watches in stores. I also skipped the mobile payment phase because Apple Pay suddenly started working on both devices and getting my hand to the terminal is just easier. Often I don’t even have a physical credit card on me anymore, my watch has never let me down. Reading my colleagues’ contributions, I’m glad I don’t have to enter a PIN on Apple Watch and they support a regular payment and meal voucher card.

Around the same time, I canceled the cash as well, I only have two hundred in my thin wallet in case of greater urgency, and I haven’t had to use the note since that decision. I am glad that cashless and contactless payment has become widespread in the Czech Republic.

Jakub Cižek


Everything from the choice of bank to the pub, where I go to the wine press for vinegar and onions, is subject to watch. It just spoils our meal voucher card, which doesn’t support Garmin Pay, so I have to pull a heavy cell phone with Google Pay out of my pocket at night in my car. I only use these pieces of paper with fun pictures and cute embossed metal wheels – banknotes and coins – only sporadically to remind myself of how people lived in the days of coal and steam. In terms of numbers, since the outbreak of a pandemic two years ago, I have used the services of an ATM exactly twice.

Added just before posting the article. Jakub just got home from work and…:

Karel Javůrek


As soon as it was possible with us, I started paying via Apple Watch. It is the fastest and most convenient. I mainly have a Revolut virtual card set up for this, which I top up when needed, and if I forget I top it up in seconds via Apple Pay. But it’s still impossible in many places without money, so I wear it too.

Marketa Mikešova

Card and mobile

It depends on what I have closer to my hand. Sometimes a cell phone gets thrown into the bottom of a backpack, other times a wallet gets thrown out. It’s really fifty-fifty. I have the cards (classic bank and restaurant voucher) downloaded from Apple Pay on my mobile phone, it works without any problem. I don’t like cash very much and I groan every time they don’t have a terminal somewhere. And the watch? I’m not looking for them just because my Apple Watch already has a very ugly flashlight and I haven’t forced myself to figure it out yet.

Jakub Michlovsky


I have an Apple Watch and whatever Apple Pay started with us, I hardly pay for anything else. Of course, I also have Apple Pay on my phone, but that eluded me during the pandemic. Payment via FaceID is allowed on the iPhone, which has not been possible for two years because of veils and respirators. Luckily this does not apply to watches so I pay with them on the bus, shop and pub. Years ago I founded Twisto, a pioneer with Apple Pay, and stuck with it.

Karel Kilian


I buy most things on the Internet, but if it is necessary to pay for something physically, I always choose to pay by mobile phone. I see the biggest advantage over paying by card in the fact that I don’t have to enter a PIN code on the terminal, the buttons of which have been touched in front of me by dozens of people who have already put their fingers in the nose and mouth and prefer not to know where else. I have no illusions that the staff would pay particular attention to the cleanliness of this establishment.

I was thinking of buying a watch with the possibility of contactless payment, but when I look at my wife, who pays with an Apple Watch, how she sometimes twists her wrist in almost gymnastic positions due to the payments, I decided that to attach a cell phone is somehow more convenient and probably a bit faster. .

I practically don’t pay with the card, because I would have to take the box with the documents out of the bag, while my mobile phone is always at hand. I only carry cash for purchases in a stall, where card payments are also starting to apply, but it’s not always and everywhere.

Jiří Kuruc


“I haven’t seen that yet!” says the cashier from Jednota in our border village after waving a watch above the terminal. It was summer 2020 and I have to be the first to pay for buns and Christmas with a chip in my hand. You see, I need to know if they are really available anywhere!

Martin Miksa


To be more precise, it’s watch or money. The watch clearly predominates, but I always have at least a minimum of cash on me to avoid sometimes the embarrassing situation when the merchant comes across the fact that he does not accept cards and that I had something to pay. Fortunately, the vast majority of businesses and restaurants already accept cards today. As for the cell phone, I don’t pay at all, because paying with a watch is faster and more convenient for me than grabbing a cell phone from my pocket while waiting in line at the cash desk.

I haven’t paid with a physical payment card for years, but I always have one with me, especially the Revolut card. I have this mainly because of cheap cash withdrawal at any ATM, where contactless withdrawal is not very worn yet. The second reason is that I have been using the Brno eŠalinkart for public transport for years, and I still haven’t decided to make a watch out of it. But it’s all just a matter of time and I look forward to the time when I can have digital documents in my watch and really can leave my wallet at home.

Petr Urban


When I can, I pay cashless. Which is almost always the case (and I have a slight tendency to avoid places where I can’t pay cash). In this case, I pay by mobile phone. For a long time I avoided this payment method saying that I always have a wallet with me, that is, it is not a problem to pull a payment card.

I understood from a distance that I have a cell phone with me and that I can have it more often than my wallet. And that taking out a map is boring. And that it’s great when I run across the street to the store for some stuff, so I don’t have to get my wallet out at all. I do not hide that this is a first global problem.

Jan Laska


I paid for the first time with a mobile phone at an in-store contactless terminal in 2012, when I was able to meet the four conditions at the time (the “right” operator, the type of mobile phone , bank and card issuer). Fortunately, since then, access to NFC payments has become much easier and therefore widespread, but from my point of view, no one has found a more practical solution than a mobile phone.

The bip card is nice, but you have to have it on you, there is a risk of loss and misuse by easily copying the data from the card. Again, you almost always have to unlock the smartwatch and activate the corresponding application, for some it is even necessary to always enter the PIN code. For a mobile phone, just turn on the screen (silently with the lock screen) and simply fix it. No dislocated wrists like trying to pay with a watch. And money ? It was supposed to stay in the last century…

And you, how often do you pay in store?

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