Artificial intelligence also helps us improve our customer experience, says Monika Hrubá from Česká spořitelna

What does one-on-one customer service look like in your app?

So that we can offer everyone a tailor-made solution. Today, for example, I have an appointment with our client, who wrote to me on LinkedIn that she was not completely satisfied and was considering leaving. I offered her a date and such a transparent view of our kitchen so she knew what she could use with us now and what we were going to do. We never talk about persuasion, but rather about discussion. It went well. We found a solution and it was still a very pleasant meeting. This is exactly what gives meaning to work in the customer experience.

Do you really have time to focus on every dissatisfied customer?

Yes, I will do it. If anyone turn directly to me and I can help. Colleagues have the same thing. I see it as a commitment on our part at the bank to do our best for specific people.

For the second time, you and your colleague have won the European Customer Centricity Awards – the European Customer Experience Award. Why did you get the award?

This is the highest European competition in CX, that is to say in customer experience. We received the most points of all projects submitted for building a CX team that solves customer issues across the bank.

What does such a team look like?

We started building it three years ago and it is located in all counties of the Czech Republic. It has a well-thought-out structure that allows you to have a specialist in each department who makes sure that a particular service works well for customers. It monitors what is happening at a given location, tests several variants and deploys the best one. We have about 220 of them. Thanks to them, we implement about 600 initiatives for our customers per year. Sometimes it’s small improvements, other times big initiatives like the recent remote advice. I’m really proud of it.

It looks like an action movie about a rescue unit that you send on a mission.

(laughs) Our work is actually action. And most likely someone would not expect such a high degree of flexibility from a bank or corporation. At first glance, we tend to associate stability with banking, processes that take time… but the work of our employees is really changing. That’s why we are already looking for people who love change and make a living from it. I myself am a typical example. In my free time, I turned an abandoned yard into our garden. And that’s exactly what our job at CX looks like.

Our work is action. That’s why we are already looking for people who love change and make a living from it.

For example, what exactly can your action team change to benefit customers?

It can be simple things like ATM withdrawals. Sometimes customers forget to withdraw money, which is why our CX experts are looking for ways to intelligently remind customers. Or they look at George’s usage and if he’s looking for the features he needs. If not, our job is to move them to where they can find it more intuitively. Others of our collaborators are creating easier ways for a regular customer to connect online with their banker. There are simply an infinite number of things that we can manage on a daily basis.

ČS is based on the fact that it is a bank for customers. What else does it mean and how does the customer know this in everyday life?

Every bank says so, you see. But it’s not a cliché in Spořitelna. We manage to offer our clients a “tap and face” approach, technology and people. In effect, this means that they can use a dense network of branches, ATMs and ATMs, as well as excellent mobile or internet banking or live connections with the branch banker, online or by phone.

In addition, we have a unique clientele that copies the entire population. It’s such a small Czech Republic. So you really have to think about the needs of all types of customers: children, young people, families or even older customers. Everyone deals with financial matters, only each at a slightly different stage and perhaps on a different device. Serving all segments of the population is on the one hand more complicated and on the other hand a great feeling that we are not just choosing someone.

What exactly does this mean for customers?

We feel responsible for all customer segments and we also reflect this in the range of products and services. We are a bank without barriers, which means that our branches are adapted to customers with disabilities. We are thinking of a relatively large group of customers over the age of 70 who do not have access to digital banking. And then we look for ways to make contact with the bank as easy as possible. We have prepared training for them, we teach them how to work with ATMs or Internet banking in branches. We have a special Money Alphabet program that increases the financial literacy of children and teens. It is currently the largest financial education program in the Czech Republic. Overall, we think about finance on a larger scale so that people and businesses succeed financially and make good financial decisions. And not only in the short term at the moment, but also in the longer term for the future.

What do you include in your customer experience?

Think of it as a relationship with a partner. This includes every moment from the first date until the moment you break up. We follow with us the path traveled by the customer in detail in individual moments and we take care of every opportunity when we come into contact with the customer.

Going forward, we will tailor the customer experience to each person or business.

You and your team have included artificial intelligence in your customer experience. How does it work and what will it bring me as a customer?

We do a lot of NLP – natural language processing now. It may sound a bit scientific, but in the realm of customer experience, it’s actually a practical solution. It allows you to intelligently analyze a large number of text responses. The artificial intelligence systematically searches in them for the essential things on which it makes sense to focus in our services. Discover the context one would seek for weeks or months.

For example?

For example, thanks to such an analysis, we know that from everything people tell us on the networks, it makes more sense at the moment to focus on the speed of payments, for example. We can take action directly and propose concrete measures. Artificial intelligence is the same revolution for us as when washing machines or dishwashers arrived in households. A huge amount of routine work is provided by the robot and then we can focus on advanced solutions.

How do you see the future of customer experience?

Unequivocal in an individual approach. Over time, we can measure satisfaction with different products more and more precisely, the satisfaction of young and old, of men and women, of small or large companies. We can focus on a specific type of customer and create the services they need. We can develop mechanisms to help us find out which customers we upset today and which we were happy with. What led up to this and based on that, then suggest what might be helpful to them as a next step. The CX of the future must be fast. Be with the customer during the interaction, help them if needed, quickly analyze what is not working and address it quickly. It is important that the overall experience is positive for each customer. And here we are back to that relationship.

You say you are on your way. What does his goal look like?

In an ideal future, we have prepared several interaction scenarios for each type of customer, which we can reach automatically. I see it as a customer experience that we will create in real time for each person or company. Advice that will gently and easily help every client make good life decisions. We are fast approaching that point and I really appreciate being a part of it.

Monika Hrubá, Customer Experience Manager, Česká spořitelna
At Česká spořitelna, she is responsible for CX and is in charge of experts who take care of the customer experience of customers in online and offline environments. She likes simple solutions and innovations. In his work, he combines a wealth of experience in psychology, market research, finance, telecommunications and consumer products.

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