#05 True Abundance in Life: Family, Sex, and Nation for the First Time

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Still from Episode #05 True Abundance in Life: Family, Sex, and Nation for the First Time

AREAS OF ABUNDANCE ACCORDING TO TODAY’S SLOVANIANS: FAMILY, FAMILY AND NATION The second pillar FAMILY, FAMILY AND NATION will be addressed in three podcasts. Beautiful day to all, family, family, nation. A very important pillar of abundance for our ancestors. A good, cohesive family (the basis is marriage – the union of a man and a woman) is a prerequisite for strong and healthy relationships in the extended family – the family. Functioning and cooperating families determine a stable nation with a good future. If for some reason I want to destabilize the nation, then just relativize marriage, the relationship between man and woman, and develop an endless reactive debate about fifty or more genders. And while we talk or watch in disbelief, we will lose our rights, our freedom, our responsibility, and we will have no choice but to believe what is presented to us. And so, for example, we will learn that Europe is in crisis because of the news. This is why it has to become more expensive, because there is a shortage everywhere now. Then somehow it does not suit you that many of your acquaintances, returning from vacation in Hungary, describe how a liter of gasoline for 31 CZK in our currency is in Hungary, which they have much cheaper food and energy against us. It’s weird, yes. We’re starting to wonder what it looks like. And budding newspaper articles have many flaws in logic and common sense. It almost seems that some governments have stopped listening to the globalists and have sided with their people and the truth. And some nations have been unlucky so far. Do you think we have to put up with all of this? Isn’t that the solution? Imagine this happening and happening. You just have to remember that man is a living soul. Here, I am a living person and as such I have inalienable rights, but also responsibility for myself. It makes me a healthy RODU cell and I take the first step towards a good future. And when they begin to cooperate with other living people, the change will not stop. And there will be good on Earth! Vaše Irena In the podcasts we read excerpts from Anastasia’s books by Vladimír Megre, which can be purchased here: https://www.tvorimesrdcem.cz/knihy-anastasie-vladimir-megre/ Contact for questions: alena@ tvorimesrdcem.cz do you study at the online monthly development center? See our offer: www.tvorimesrdcem.cz/nase-online-kurzy/

Description of the podcast

Welcome to Earth Sky Podcasts. Our DNA needs a word. This is the conclusion of research conducted by scientists (Dr. Gargaev and Dr. Poponin). By repeatedly entering certain words, we modify our DNA, erasing the original cellular memories and creating new ones. Words with a strong emotional color (positive or negative) have the strongest effect on the plasticity of our DNA. We have a choice every day – either consciously work to re-code and heal the cellular memories that are not allowing us to live a full life, or we can create more and more blockages with victimhood that will complicate our journey. We ourselves create our lives through the words and feelings to which we open ourselves. People knew this in the distant past, so they listened to stories that healed their cellular memories. Discover the power of words in your own life and listen to our stories. CHANGE YOUR CELL’S MEMORY. Personal development, conscious creation and the joint improvement of the living space are some of the many topics that we will progressively cover in our podcasts, whether in the form of stories or interviews. Listen to them many times, share them with your friends and stream them at your discretion. This strengthens the morphic field of the stories, and the stronger the energy of the story, the more effective the changes that occur in the individual and in the whole. We look forward to what time together will bring us… ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Discover Earth’s paradise…. 9500 m2 of vast natural gardens with its own personal development school Měsíčnice. ♥ The heart of the Earth Sky zone is our monthly school, where we organize personal development courses for all generations. Over the past 6 years, more than 2,000 students (5-70 years old) have taken our courses. Thanks to our own methodology and the positive feedback from our students, we guarantee positive changes in your life. ♥ If you are far away from us, you can start studying our online courses at Monthly Online. ♥ Or buy one of our feng shui paintings on the We create with the heart e-shop. ♥ But you can also look forward to the large area of ​​9500 m2 of natural gardens. We organize excursions, programs for schools and kindergartens, you will find the first exemplary natural garden, a community garden with the Fairy Trail. ♥ At the same time, our gardens are ideal for wedding ceremonies, family picnics or corporate teambuildings. ♥ We think with our heart and improve our living space

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