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Can you tell the difference between the atmosphere of the archival film and the current Czech entrance exams? PHOTO: Unsplash – Museums Victoria

The high school entrance exams are approaching. How can fifth, seventh or ninth graders best handle the tests? The Instagram Running Czech and the recent winner of the Zlatý Ámos competition for the most popular teacher, Marek Valášek, will share their tips.

Marek Valášek, 39, is a mathematics teacher at the Amazonian-Czech Amazon High School in Prague, but also an educational YouTuber. His math videos have nearly 80,000 Youtube subscribers and over 16 million views. It also provides preparation for entrance exams and in-person graduation exams; at least five thousand students have done it in eight years. He could easily call himself a “teacher of the nation”, which is made worse by the fact that at the end of March he received the title of Golden Amos, awarded each year to the most popular teachers. Here are five pieces of advice he gives his students:

  1. Choose the right filling strategy. The vast majority of students do not complete all the tasks in a given time. I recommend investing a few minutes at the beginning to rate the tasks on a three-point scale: 1. I will solve them easily, 2. They will take me longer, but in the end I will solve them, 3. I have the wont have a problem with them. And then go gradually: the first, then the two, then the three. It is good prevention to get stuck on the seventh task and not move on to the rest.
  1. Don’t be stressed by being stressed. It’s normal, everyone feels that and I would feel that too. A little stress is even positive – it allows you to perform better. When the nervousness is so strong that it paralyzes you, take a deep breath and repeat it several times. Only then start working.
  1. When calculating the example, think briefly about whether the result makes sense. Have you reached an altitude of 15 kilometers? Or are two friends going on a road trip together and one is at the finish line in three hours, while the other is in eighteen? Something is wrong here.
  1. Do not tick examples one after the other. The likelihood of you making a mistake is at least as good as correcting it.
  1. Write the results on the record sheet now. I’ve seen enough crying kids who tested well but didn’t have time to rewrite the results.

“Don’t worry, this year’s tests will be a little easier than last year’s,” bohemian and lecturer from Brno Jarmil Vepřek, known on social media as Running, told high school followers. Czech. And it’s not just wild insurance. “Cermat published a document this year announcing which phenomena have dropped out of testing. This year, for example, it is an appendix, a nominal predicate, a distinction between the bare and developed subject, types of digits or a distinction between dialects and general Czech, ”calculates Jarmil Veprek. He teaches students live and online and organizes webinars and long-term preparatory courses for them. Here are five of his tips for his students:

  1. Be sure to answer all questions. Since you cannot lose points for any answer, it makes no sense not to answer. With one exception! There are usually one or two questions in the test, where you have to write more answers in a box – this is usually a search for spelling mistakes or adverbs in the text. There, you will lose a point for each word you cannot find, but also for each word you type incorrectly. Elsewhere, if you don’t know, guess. You too, my friend! “Pupils, especially those in CM2, have such a block that they don’t want to answer when they don’t know. They’ve been used to it since school that making a mistake is a problem,” says Running Czech.
  1. In tasks where you need to evaluate information/statements given in the text, you read the options first, then the entire default text. This will make it easier for you to save the options you need to choose between.
  1. Don’t be afraid to write and draw until homework. Many students think it’s forbidden (or whatever), but it’s not! Take notes, underline and circle all the keywords, draw arrows, anything useful. For example, if you know that answer D of A/B/C/D is one hundred percent wrong, delete it. Which is better to guess among four or three answers? Of course three!
  1. Work until the last day before entrance exams. You may already have your teeth full, but the last few days before exams are the most effective time to rehearse (but don’t go crazy or do it with resistance). Try one last look at your least favorite. Also try a test or two on the official website.
  1. Sleep well on D-Day, eat breakfast and above all do not stressbecause – and it’s a fact – it’s not about life!

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