The phenomenon of female professional communities. There is a strong “pay gap” in the Czech Republic, women also have to think about children

“When was the last time you didn’t do something because you were ashamed, unsure, or had no one to talk to?” asks the visitor to a page with the distinctive title “Girls in the Crypt “. Founder of the association founded at the start of last year, Sona Parke once lacked other women with whom she could talk about finesse and investment without prejudice. That’s why she created a Facebook group. “It is very quickly the case of women who only jump into the crypt”, he recalls the beginnings of the community, which today has two thousand five hundred members.

bravery and bravery

According to Parke, women naturally view personal investment from a different angle. “They are more likely to have limited income for part of their maternal life and also to often have to provide for themselves and their children in case of difficulties. There is still a solid ‘pay gap’ in Czech republic (Editor’s note: statistical difference between the salaries of women and men occupying the same positions)“So, inevitably, women have to treat their money more thoughtfully, they have less to waste,” he summarizes the basic assumptions.

According to Parke, the crypto world gives women more equality than the usual investment environment. “Unlike the stock market, it doesn’t look at gender, and thanks to decentralization, there is real equality for everyone,” he says. While at the beginning of its existence the association organized small initiation workshops, this year a team of five facilitators is expecting conferences for 1,500 people. “We are burning with excitement for crypto, but also for bringing more and more women into the world of investing and cryptocurrency,” Parke says.

The main objective of the non-profit organization Czechitas, which organizes courses for women in the field of information technology, was also the main objective of helping women overcome prejudice. “In the Czech Republic, about 90% of men still work in IT. We see as the main reason women’s initial fear that error is the enemy. While we lead women in our society to perfectionism, men to courage. And you just need courage and courage to learn how to program,” says Czechitas spokesperson Jan Schönbauer.

The result of the association’s eight years of work is nearly a thousand women who have established themselves permanently in the IT field. While twelve thousand students attended the courses last year, this year they almost doubled their goal. Although the organization offers courses not only for women but also for other people interested in education, according to Schönbauer, women have a more demanding situation in the labor market. “Women often come from parental leave, they want to return to work and IT can be an area that offers them a flexible form of employment. In addition, they are more vulnerable to digitalization in the labor market because they are more likely than men to be automated compared to men,” explains why retraining women in IT is important.

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Where have all the women gone?

Unlike information technology, women dominate in marketing. However, their large number does not mean that they do not have to face the same obstacles. “Although many women study marketing, their representation in the field is thin. Women lack leadership in companies – in positions of marketing directors or creative directors of marketing agencies. seniors, there is a visible painful difference between the salaries of men and women,” describes the situation of marketer Pavlína Louženská.

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That’s why, eight years ago, she founded the Facebook group Girls from Marketing, which would change that. Today, it is an educational platform that offers mentoring programs or an educational program for future entrepreneurs. According to Louženská, the situation of women traders in the Czech Republic has changed in recent years, but there is still room for improvement. “The position of women in the labor market still has a major impact on companies’ access to working relatives, women’s development or recruitment,” he adds.

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The understated representation of women architects on juries or in leadership positions has also been the main motivation for the creation of the Professional Architects Community, which helps graduates of architecture and related fields find solid ground under their feet. “60% of women study the disciplines of architecture and hundreds of them successfully graduate every year. However, only one fifth of architects hold management positions in studios. the position of the city’s architects. Where have these women gone?”, asks Alžběta Br Bůhová, co-founder of the group, which was formed three years ago.

In practice, graduate architects often hamper unequal financial rewards, a glass ceiling of work progress, or balancing work with family care. “Our goal is to create a more welcoming and inclusive professional environment that would allow the involvement of a wide range of life experiences, including the need to reconcile family and work”, explains the founder.

However, not all women’s associations aim to improve the position of women in the labor market. Some professionals are simply more comfortable with the professional environment of women, which is said to be less competitive than that of men. “I founded our group because I found that working with women suited me, there was less testosterone”, explains Lucie Forejtová, founder of the real estate platform Estate Ladies, created last spring. “I think women have a different perspective – a general attitude, an eye for detail and responsibility is more to them than promoting their ego. But that doesn’t mean we’re getting better and better than men in everything, everyone has their own and the women’s framework just works for us,” he concludes.

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