The data scientist decided: Pomlázka no. He researched it

Painful scars, traumas and humiliations. During the Easter holidays, data scientist Petr Ludwig conducted an analysis of how Czech women view traditional customs, such as whipping. And it’s clear: we’ve reached a point where it’s time to unravel the mess.

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According to Ludwig, it is very disturbing that women who are whipped by men feel frustrated and suffer. Indeed, this issue in the Internet community has resonated considerably in recent years. According to the data scientist, it should absolutely not be neglected.

“I’ve been following the pompado thread for about three days – there are over 400 decent and constructive comments (thanks for them). Since I haven’t commented on this, here’s my summary: According to this thread, I’m currently more inclined to believe that we can just kick the habit in peace,” Ludwig said, drawing on the advice of hundreds of women.

Martin’s contribution has been added. She disgustedly shares her story on the social network, when during the dog walk on Easter Monday the men whipped her so much that – as evidenced by the photo – she ended up with large decals in the background.

“Obviously, there is a part of the population (see article) that creates negative emotions in women and, according to many articles, also real trauma. Even if there were 10%, that enough (I assume there will be more), adds the data scientist.

He thus indirectly leaned towards the opinions that appear most often, namely that men abuse women the possibility of whipping disproportionately. “Initially, I was of the opinion that if there is mutual consensus, the token whipping is fine. But obviously teaching the whole nation what a ‘pompous cones’ is is unrealistic and will take a very long time” , did he declare.

“So if I ever have kids, I won’t be teaching them this tradition, and I won’t be participating in it myself. I understand that I’m probably upset, but it’s my occasional fate, to say unpopular things here and there. So for me like this. Love to all, ”he concludes.

However, the speakers said the “boost” by which men are expected to restore health, freshness and strength to a woman’s body is too dramatized for women to be unable to say a clear “no”. It is said that it must not reach the point where the traditions will be disturbed because of it. By whipping, men should restore health, freshness and strength to the female body.

“It’s not a tradition that someone can’t shout NO, and someone takes bruising as a big consequence of bruising, is it?” What about parents who let their daughter beat or push their son to push? Tradition really can’t blame him. It’s like someone blaming a marriage for splinters or tying a ball to their feet. Can’t we really keep the tradition? Isn’t there a historical tradition? Do you like castles and paintings? She can always be apprehended to be endurable, fun or her rejection respected,” Eva Merry said.

Ludwig simply repeated that it was impossible to persuade the Czechs to approach this tradition with consideration.

Blanca Kubešová doesn’t like the way of breaking traditions either. “Also, it’s after Easter and they’re going to stop popping up talk and glitzy synths from people who have to ask Facebook what to think about Easter because they probably never really got it. Maybe in a few years we won’t see a trend to change Easter in any way or ban it for sure… The more singers and rejuvenations, the better” , does he think.

Unfortunately, these are subjective opinions and experiences, the data scientist reminds: “But it’s a rather selective opinion, a survival bias – just because your subjective experience is OK doesn’t mean it’s OK for everything. the world. Empathy is also seeing the experiences of others.”

They quickly swung the opposing views, that Easter is traumatic. “I hate Easter! I remember those holidays with my grandmother in the village, when we were hiding children from a really cruel neighbour! And to this day, I don’t understand that none of the families did anything I have it in me for life, and I’m already 46 years old, “wrote the speaker of the discussion.

“The only day of the year when I’m afraid to leave my house… is on the stick. Thank you for your opinion, that you are in the majority, ”adds Michaela Mucha Taneček.

“I am one of those who have had trauma since childhood and I hate Easter from the bottom of my heart. When I lived in Germany for a year, I was very fond of the custom of children looking for sweets in the garden I would really like to introduce him to us. Our tradition seems to me to be unfair and degrading, ”joins Jana Němčíková.

Because Easter in the Internet community takes place in the spirit of whether or not it is good to maintain these habits, government parties also encourage moderate treatment towards women. For example, the Pirate Party.

“Are you planning to participate in whipping, scalding, whipping or scrubbing on Monday? Great, it’s our original tradition and it’s an opportunity to meet and have fun. But let’s keep in mind that all participants should have a good idea of ​​the celebrations and that nothing should be done against their will,” stresses Olga Richterová, deputy speaker of the Chamber on behalf of the pirates.

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