The Czech underworld: How much did Discoland Sylvie earn for Ivan Jonák in one night? decent rocket

Thanks to the interpretation of Michal Novotný in the series Ninety (CT1) Ivan Jonák is back in the spotlight, even the younger generation. Who was the one whose name almost everyone knows? Imagine an era that is a plethora of criminals and crimes. It was the nineties. Free, wild and a bit dangerous. Nothing was sacred and at the same time there was nothing that was not allowed.

František Mrázek or Ivan Roubal at that time, they moved directly into the corridors of the police. Even Jonák did not escape from the prison cell. He was found guilty of the murder of his wife Ludvika, co-owner of the famous Discoland Sylvia. Jonak denied his guilt until the last minute of his life, but the evidence spoke against him.

He named his business after his daughters

The post-revolutionary period brought a touch of freedom to society, which was strongly reflected in the functioning of individuals. There is someone who did not know Jonák’s Discoland? He was named after his daughter, the second lent her name to another company – Veronika Bar. It was a brilliant move with Discoland, Jonák perfectly filled the gap in the market. Such a place, which was created in Prague near Palmovka, has long since disappeared. At the same time, it directly prompted those people who everyone just wants to take pictures with to meet there. Celebrities, honors, rich people. And there were also prostitutes.

It must be said that Jonák has become one of the most sought-after celebrities with his business. He took pictures with the greatest artists, he even acted in several films. However, most of them were described as shoddy acts. Thanks to Discoland, he became a very influential but somewhat controversial personality. He promoted his business in Wenceslas Square using a white convertible they were driving in naked prostitutes. The 1990s were a paradise for those who wanted to start a business. They loaned banks to almost everyone, there were a million opportunities and people wanted to have fun.

Women were his weakness, they took him to jail

When he married Ludvika Pecharová after a brief acquaintance in the 1980s, he founded Discoland Sylvie with her, which quickly became very successful. Investor Helmuth Huger, who helped fund the venture, was believed to be Ludwig’s former lover. As Jonak became better known, so did the attention of other women. Ludvika was no longer enough for her, and the divorce was about to fall. However, this resulted in a fight for a joint venture, after which shortly after, Ludvika was assassinated in April 1994. Several men have been charged. Including Jonak for ordering his murder.

He was finally convicted in 2011, serving an 18-year sentence for the murder of his wife. However, he never pleaded guilty and vehemently denied it until his death. To this day, none of his daughters believe he actually ordered their mother’s murder. However, the evidence claimed otherwise. Even the letter Ludvika wrote with her lawyer before her death didn’t help. She claimed that if anything ever happened to her, her husband was to blame, as he threatened her about Discoland. It was one of the main pieces of evidence that the prosecutor was able to send Jonak to prison. Jonak himself had already faced several murder attempts. In one, a bullet went through both faces and knocked out all of his lower teeth.

After his release, he found himself alone, never regaining his fame

After his release, he wanted to restore the company’s fame to Palmovka, but he never succeeded. His daughters owned a quarter of the shares and Jonak couldn’t afford the daughters. Themselves wanted to sell the building, but did not agree with the reopening of Discoland. Although his media release was closely watched, he gradually lost his fame.

At the time of his greatest glory, he was earning up to a million crowns a night. However, his business was governed by threats and bribes. He moved in circles where contract killings were nothing special. Eventually, he died alone, lonely and poor, from diabetes-related complications. He was buried in a grave where you won’t find his name.

The Na Zábradlí Theater will present a production on Sylvia Discoland. The show will be based on the memories of former employees and visitors.


OR NOW: Jonák, Mrázek and murder around every corner. The series of the 1990s recalls the reverse of the new democracy.

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