Tesla Cyberquad: Mini Cybertruck is an ATV for kids ages eight and up


Did the Cybertruck electric all-terrain enchant you? Tesla now offers a NEW truck. The Tesla Cyberquad ATV can be ridden by children from the age of eight. To the undeserved glory of a Yamaha in disguise, Tesla decided to build a mini Cyberquad for kids.

It’s been two years since American automaker Tesla introduced the Cybertruck electric pickup to the public. At first glance, a rough piece, which seems to come from the movie Terminator, caused an incredible crack. Not everyone could accept her militant appearance. But it was clear to everyone that the engineers around tech visionary Elon Musk had finally buried the design of today’s cars, which stuck to conventions that had been established for decades.

The mysterious introduction of Tesla Cyberquad

At the Cybertruck premiere, Musk also showed off a lovely toy. To demonstrate his van’s storage space, he brought an electric ATV named Cyberquad to the stage, exactly copying the rugged appearance of his full-fledged sibling.

Tesla presents the Cyberquad Kids electric mountain bike • Source: Tesla

He had parked it on his back. While it’s unclear whether this was just a fancy joke or a spectacular presentation of a new product from Tesla’s workshops, the vehicle received a surprisingly strong response.

Masked Yamaha

Tech fans immediately started getting interested in what Tesla Cyberquad actually knows and whether it will be available for purchase. Experienced motorists soon discovered that it was, in fact, such a model. The designers built it from a Yamaha Raptor 700R, in which they mounted an electric motor from California manufacturer Zero and dressed it up to look like a next-generation off-road mountain bike.

Tesla presented the Cyberquad electric ATV in the style of Cybertruck •

mountain bike for children

However, Tesla did not miss the somewhat undeserved fame. After fans began to rearrange off-road vehicles according to the model of the model, the engineers decided to embark on real development. At the same time, they promised customers that it would be available as an option for an electric pickup. Then no one knew anything for two years. Today, Tesla has taken an unexpected first step: the introduction of a children’s ATV called Cyberquad for kids.

Tesla Cyberquad: New electric quad for children • Source: Radio circular

Fun from the age of eight

Yes, you read that right. It will be a mountain bike designed for children from the age of eight. It offers electric propulsion with a maximum speed of 16 km/h and a range of 24 kilometres. It weighs only 60 kilograms and will carry a maximum of 70 kilograms.

However, parents will also receive a special controller so that they can regulate the speed according to the abilities of their offspring. According to Tesla’s design, the production of the ATV will be carried out by the famous American company Radio Flyer, which has been producing scooters, tricycles and deckchairs for children for more than a hundred years.

The Tesla Cyberquad electric mountain bike runs at speeds of up to 16 km/h •

Gone in two days

Tesla customers have responded enthusiastically to the Cyberquad pram. It only took two days to sell all the pieces on offer. The price of one is around 420,000 crowns.

Now we can only estimate the interest generated by the Cybertruck itself. If this was an interest-mapping experiment in a heavy-duty electric vehicle, it turned out to be excellent. We’ll be clear by the end of the year when the first sci-fi mics officially go on sale.

apple car

Viewing Apple Patents •

For several years there have been unofficial rumors that Apple is also developing its own electric car. Although the company itself remains stubbornly silent on this subject, the publicly available information on the new patents clearly proves it. Every year, Apple legally protects more and more technologies designed to build cars.

British car experts have carefully studied all the patents and created a 3D model of what an Apple car might look like. It should offer fully swiveling seats, rear-hinged doors or a Siri virtual assistant integrated into the steering wheel. By the way, it should only be used for emergency situations, otherwise the car should be fully autonomous.

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