Nettle is a great gift from nature, it can be used whole. Seeds as an aphrodisiac put “fire in the hips”

Nutrition Advisor Eng. Iva Víravová talks about the power of green food in our radio consultancy.

Eng.  Iva Víravová in the studio of Czech radio Hradec Králové

Eng. Iva Viravava

I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant and am happy to pass on my knowledge and experience to those who want to help with a nutrition plan and change their eating habits. I work with women, men and children, whether they want to lose weight downwards or upwards, with sick people, with athletes or other active people, and also with children.

What is Easter related to?
I really tied them to spring, how nature begins to bloom, as we also wake up after winter. We live very much in harmony with nature, so I have the Easter holiday associated with herbs and fresh green colors and scents. And also with trips.

The green color is typical of the period when everything awakens in nature. And green food will give us strength after winter.

Eng. Iva Víravová, nutrition consultant

And with what foods and groceries?
We eat quite often at Easter, but we don’t eat meat, so it’s vegetable dishes. And I really like to decorate them with green leaves that I find in the garden or in nature, or with colorful flowers, like violets, I like them the most. We also put daisies in the soup, so that it looks fresh.

The food is then really different from that of winter.

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In short, herbs belong in your kitchen. How did you find your way to them?
As a child, I only knew sorrel and sucked the juice from the deaf-blind. Now I wish my grandmother had introduced me to the wise men who knew for certain. But I feel like it has just been overthrown, quote-unquote, by modern industrial times. So I now find my way to herbs on my own and gradually with my friends on walks or in books.

I am driven by my curiosity and my desire to connect with where I live. I seek the connection where nature gives us her gifts and in return I seek what I can do for her. So that’s my way to herbs, I taste.

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There really are a lot. Starting with nettles, wild garlic, wild chives, I love peas, bandages of all kinds. On a walk, when the beech leaves start to grow, it’s a good thing. And purple flowers, it’s fragrance and goodness together. Ashtray or dandelion, if you eat four dandelions a day, your liver will bless you and thank you.

Daisies, lungs, primroses, goat’s foot. And a very interesting grass is spring orsej. It is a debatable herb to eat it or not.

You mentioned nettle in the first place, it’s a spring classic. What can we prepare?

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Nettle is truly a huge gift from nature. And I feel like it’s still undiscovered these days, like it’s been forgotten. Interestingly, anything can be processed from nettle, including the rhizome, stem, and seeds. And I don’t think it’s that well known.

Nettle seeds are actually an aphrodisiac, harvested in August and said to set our hips on fire and increase sexual appetite. If we fry the seeds and mix them with oil, we can use them in a salad or sprinkle them on bread and sprinkle with salt with herbs.

You also mentioned the orsej spring. The yellow flowers, but allegedly avoided by grazing animals, are said to be poisonous. So how can it be used?

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We all know it’s toxic, but I’m sure it’s not. We know its yellow flowers, so let’s track where it grows and run there next year before the orsej blooms. It is not poisonous and only its leaves are harvested. I repeat, the leaves before the flower are not poisonous.

Just add a few a day to salads. They taste a little sour, but that doesn’t matter at all, because we only eat a few of them. And they can be cut into salads, they are excellent in yogurts and cheese dressings, which can be served with baked potatoes. And we can sprinkle it with nettle seeds and we have a great, hearty spring meal.

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What other herb do you find interesting?
As a child, I never tasted sour sorrel. I had no information about it, but today I already know that it is an abundant grass, it forms huge carpets in the forest. It’s like three hearts, clovers with a white flower. I think a lot of visitors to the forest know it, but they might not know if it’s poisonous.

Not if he eats little. And the reason you shouldn’t eat a lot of it is the oxalic acid content, which can cause problems in high amounts.

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