Lucie Božková is in no hurry to arrange

Mother of three sons (thirteen, eleven and eight years old), of course, Mrs. Lucie knows how varied the functioning of such a household is. And also greedy in storage…

After all, it soon emerged from our conversation that in the five years her family has lived here, a four-room apartment with two bathrooms has undergone changes and everything continues to evolve.

Light on the roofs

“I like a lot of light, and even this apartment is suitable for us. Unlike the neighboring apartments, here we have a bright floor and I also chose a white kitchen. We have been looking for such an apartment in Brno for a long time – in addition, we wanted to be downtown.

And also the arrangement takes time, and I mostly need so-called space and wait for what he is going to say. It is better to solve things gradually, not to rush and buy even better things, which will eventually confirm that you have really saved. Everything evolves and it may turn out that the first idea was not the right one. I’ve always been so absorbed in aesthetics that it bothers me when, for example, the colors don’t match…”

The apartment is so improved and redesigned that one wonders why the original authors did not come up with such a good solution.

There are only shelves in the corner of the largest room, and there are minimal items on them.

Photo: Jan Handrejch, Pravo

“We also discovered a few unfinished and inconceivable things here, which probably shows that the investors changed during the construction, and the original architects might also be surprised. We also bought the necessary balcony shading ourselves.

On a large part of the apartment with custom-made furniture, I cooperated with my friend the architect Daniela Hanousková Boučková by mutual agreement. “

Comfort and quiet space

The Božks lived with their family in Boskovice, where Mrs. Lucie’s husband took care of the management of the family estate after the ancestors of the aristocratic Mensdorff-Pouilly family. But also due to the children’s school attendance, they moved to Brno, from where they returned for the weekends. Proximity to a boys’ school also played a role in choosing another current address.

“We looked for a very long time and I also had the idea that we wouldn’t go to the new building,” smiles the designer, finally satisfied with the apartment and the location.

“Lužánky today is like Central Park. Over there, people relax on the lawns in the summer, play sports, dance… Social life works there and it is also a magnet for children. »

The apartment is just over a hundred meters and of course it’s starting to show that an extra bedroom would be nice. The eldest son is on his territory, two younger brothers fit into one room, which has a separate entrance to the terrace. The second comes from the living room.

“When we bought the apartment it had a different layout. From the hall a short hallway led on one side to the bedroom at its end (nowadays there is a cloakroom just behind the front door of the apartment). ‘old hallway) On the other hand – in the living room with the kitchen – an ugly, glazed, double door led to the store…”

“We removed them and replaced them with a wooden wall – an original painting. From the second bathroom, also remodeled, we had a passage to the original dressing room. So at the back of the apartment we We have a bedroom, our bathroom and a separate dressing room. In fact, such a separate apartment. This is our quiet zone where the boys don’t go often. They have their rooms next door across the hall. But they also play in the living room, where we can all make ourselves comfortable. Even at the large dining table.”

The concept of colorful interiors

Coincidence wishes the loan was ready, and so the upstairs neighbor, who moved in at the same time, quickly became a friend with a similar attitude towards design.

And then also my colleague Lucie Božková. And co-owner of a co-created design studio to design interiors for clients – Le Concept. Collaboration with Eva Konečná began, although she prefers dark colors, including black, in her apartment.

“Mostly, we both tend to have more personal, but also timeless things that have more lasting value and at the same time make a house a home.” Such accessories are also offered in their online store.

The German company’s shade is made of a material used for sails, and ropes with winches also work the same way.

Photo: Jan Handrejch, Pravo

“When the children were small, we arranged differently. The older they get, the more I think about practical things. It is good to arrange so that it cleans well and quickly.

We don’t have a lot of storage space here. Rather sliding doors and lockers. That’s not to say the kids don’t take the toys into the living room, where we can easily “rake” them from. And it lives its life in their rooms,” smiles Ms. Lucia, who is not far from the apartment at the corporate studio in the center of Brno. The housing concept was successful.

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