Liberec is a ninth year champion! Boleslav takes silver, Pilsen takes bronze

Liberec is a ninth year champion! Boleslav takes silver, Pilsen takes bronze – Czech Hockey Website

Photo: Ronald Hansel, junior hockey

The Czech Republic Youth Championship for older students was dominated by Liberec! Despite the defeat, Mladá Boleslav defended second place and Plzeň closed the podium at the expense of Brno Comet.

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Thanks to the first scalp on Sunday, Liberec rose to first place in the first Mladá Boleslav, in which he only had to beat Kometa in the morning to celebrate the fourth title of the 2009/2010 season at least a little early.

And he succeeded. The goal was waited until the second half, but the White Tigers have already conceded three goals thanks to a wide shooting advantage and have set their sights on winning. Led by a shooting trio

Adrien Bartovic

striker, 15 years old

“href=” “> Adrien Bartovic –

David Rozsival

striker, 14 years old

“href=” “> David Rozsival –

Marek Šťástka


“href=” “> Marek Šťástka doubled the lead at the end and the keeper

Stepan Bogac

goalkeeper, 14 years old

“href=” “> Štěpán Bogač lost a clean sheet in the 55th minute.

In other duels, only other sets of medals were disputed, for the bronze medal with a fine victory, which Pilsen won at the expense of the hockey players of the South Moravian metropolis. At the end of the tournament, the Indians easily overtook Mladá Boleslav, who however remained second due to previous results.

He opened the scoring in the penultimate game of the Youth Championship in the third minute

Krystof Dyk


“href=” “> Kryštof Dyk, who then added three more assists.

Lukas Pavlis


“href=” “> Lukáš Pavlis has not matured.

In the last duel of the entire five-day race, the last place was symbolically played, which went to Třinec. Fifth place was taken by Slavia, who decided with four interventions in the first period of the mutual duel.

The rotation of the steelworkers in the goal area during the break caused them to correct the score again, but the biggest drama did not take place anymore. Prague became a two-goal shooter

Štěpán Grebeníček


“href=” “> Štěpán Grebeníček and on the other side

Danny Barna

striker, 14 years old

“href=” “> Danny Barna.

The Canadian tournament score was dominated by the Liberec duo

Adrien Bartovic

striker, 15 years old

“href=” “> Adrien Bartovic (8+4) a

David Rozsival

striker, 14 years old

“href=” “> David Rozsival (4 + 7)

Matous Kucharcik


“href=” “> Matouš Kucharcik (5 + 5).

Daniela Novakova

goalkeeper, 15 years old

“href=” “> Daniela Nováková, who left with a success rate of 91.43%.

Last day of play

Liberec White Tigers – HC Kometa Brno 6:1 (0:0, 3:0, 3:1)
Goals and records: 21. Bartovič (Šťástka), 32. Šťástka, 37. Bartovič (Vápeník), 44. Rozsíval (Seidl), 47. Rozsíval (Bartovič, Šťástka), 49. Plosová (Hrouda) – 55. Volf (Šebela ) ).

HC Skoda Plzen – BK Mlada Boleslav 7:2 (3:0, 3:1, 1:1)
Goals and records: 3. Dyk (Fousek), 9. Hanzák (Dyk), 18. Klatovský (Hanzák, Dyk), 23. Martinů (Lučan), 24. Hodaň, 28. Klatovský (Dyk), 52. Křepel (Martinů , Trachta) – 27. Tetiva (Kristek), 53. Kristek (Hanyš).

HC Slavia Prague – HC Oceláři Trinec 5:3 (4:1, 1:1, 0:1)
Goals and records: 6. Poletín (Krčál, Pšenička), 11. Grebeníček (Lorent), 18. Šámal (Kucharčík, Matějovský), 20. Kucharčík (Matějovský, Pšenička), 38. Grebeníček (Šámal, Macek) – 5. Barna (Marek), 24. Rybnikár (Švančara), 50. Barna (Dravecký, Rybnikár).

Poruba Older Students Championship Final Draw

Team OF IN EN P polypropylene P Score Body
1. Liberec White Tigers 5 4 0 0 1 22:14 12
2. BK Mlada Boleslav 5 3 0 0 2 20:17 9
3. HC Skoda Pilsen 5 2 1 0 2 30:19 8
4. HC Kometa Brno 5 2 0 0 3 10:28 6
5. HC Slavia Prague 5 2 0 0 3 19:16 6
6. HC Ocelari Trinec 5 1 0 1 3 13:20 4

Photo: Ronald Hansel, junior hockey

Photo: Ronald Hansel, junior hockey

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