Kalousek disappointed. He expected more from Fial’s government. Zeman’s grace is over

Miroslav Kalousek, former deputy of TOP 09, discussed the current topics of the last days with the moderator Jaromír Soukup. There was talk of the ODS congress and the pardon that President Miloš Zeman granted to the head of the forest administration of Lány, Miloš Balák. And, of course, there was talk of an American military base.

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Soukup noted at the start of the show about the ODS assembly that he was far too victorious for him. “Given that I lived a party life half of my life, I have to say I have a great understanding of that. The party was in opposition for eight years, the party had total moments in the background, and Petr Fiala was spoken of with great contempt at the time.After all, two years ago, if someone had said that he would be Prime Minister after the elections, hardly anyone would have believed him. The ODS succeeded, its president succeeded, and I think there is a bit of triumphalism in this case – I fully understand that and people should forgive them. especially from the President of Fiala, “Kalousek mentioned, among other things, that Fiala is aware of the limits of success and failure. Soukup later remarked that he was happy that Fiala was Prime Minister and that Andrej Babiš (ANO) is out of government.

“I give discharge to the government for my relationship with the war in Ukraine. I have hardly any comment on the position of our government. One remark is that they hardly talk to people,” Soukup said. Kalousek went on to praise Czech TV’s coverage of Ukraine, “It now offers its concessionaires six channels. And bear in mind that concession fees haven’t increased for at least six years.” and that we still have 13% inflation. They also have to deal with that,” Kalousek said, stressing that we need independent public television.


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Kalousek then conveyed his mercy on behalf of President Miloš Zeman to the head of the forest administration of Lány, Miloš Balák. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. Violation of the principles of justice. And the government must uphold the rule of law. And if someone breaks them, they must defend themselves. And if they are flouted by the President of the Republic, they must defend themselves all the more.I understand that this decision is final and that no one will reverse it for the moment, but I expected the government to condemn it in a fundamental way. I wouldn’t mind if she said: we don’t know if we will succeed, but we will look for ways to reverse this decision in the future. After all, the Mečiar amnesties succeeded. Just to clarify that it is something which really does not belong to the rule of law. I expected a louder voice from parliament and the government,” Kalousek added.

The former TOP 09 deputy commented on Defense Minister Jana Černochová’s (ODS) remarks regarding the US military base in the Czech Republic. “Of course, I would like the Americans to have their own military base here, because I believe a simple equation applies: the presence of an American soldier on our soil increases our security against Russian aggression. there is no doubt that Russian aggression is the biggest security risk to Central and Eastern Europe right now. So I would love to. But I don’t really believe that the US administration is relying on that basis It certainly won’t matter if Minister Černochová says that the Czech government would like it, but I don’t think that will happen, because the situation with the radar was the opposite. Americans were interested in having the radar here. Part of society was accommodating, we were probably part of it. And then, unfortunately, President Obama gave up because he wanted to meet President Putin,” Kalousek says. “But now , as far as I know che, the US administration has shown no interest in establishing a base here, so I don’t think anything like that will happen in the foreseeable future, I mean. Which I am personally sorry about,” he added.

At the end, Kalousek also commented on what was happening in Ukraine. “These are absurd lies when they say that the Buč and Mariupol massacres, that the Ukrainians are doing it, and that the Russians are trying to help the civilian population. These are obvious lies, there are journalists present, there has satellites. During the Second World War he could have lied because no one saw him, but here everyone sees him online, as he really is. I’m afraid that the Ukrainians are only waiting for hot days and weeks now, no doubt President Putin will want to announce a victory during the parade in Red Square on May 9. They have regrouped the troops, everything Russia has legs and wheels, now focusing on the offensive. They probably put more experienced commanders there, and it will be very difficult. The Battle of Donbass is actually a battle to negotiate positions between the two sides. It must end with an agreement anyway. But the Russians go hand just try to improve the negotiating position as much as possible and sell it as a win,” Kalousek said. He himself can hardly imagine any other end than the Finns agreed with Stalin in 1940. “That they will lose a piece of territory, but they will have sovereignty. I don’t believe they have enough strength so that the Ukrainians simply push the Russians beyond the borders of their state. Russia clearly does not have the strength to conquer kyiv. Now it is really about Donbass, “he concluded.

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