Fial’s trial: “He lied, clearly and unambiguously.” Rajchl revealed to Xaver what happened

Rajchl first commented on the 2022 Charter. “It’s a joint project of many people. I’m very happy about it. Basically, it’s an idea I had with Dr. Nielsen at the end of the last year, and we started talking about it, and we basically agreed that as soon as we want to achieve something here in a situation that has been constantly restricting our rights, our lives, our freedoms and destroying us at virtually every step for two years now , and I would say that it mostly destroys lives… our children, so it is necessary to combine all these currents that are fighting alone in one single river and try to do a real project that will lift other people from their chairs. We were very happy that Professor Jiří Beran accepted our invitation,” Rajchl mentioned at the beginning.

“Jirka is a person that I respect deeply, I consider him an incredible expert and a very good person. Basically, Dr. Nielsen, Mr. Beran and I became spokespersons for the charter, but we have a number big signatories there,” Rajchl said. “The text of the charter has already been signed by over 50,000 people today. We don’t like what’s going on here right now, and the last law we published was the so-called four articles, four basic requirements for the government, so that there is no adherence to the amendment to the WHO Constitution, because it threatens the sovereignty of the Czech state as such to end the pandemic so that covid passports are not renewed so that the Czech Republic does not join the EU initiative to extend covid passports and stop what is happening here, it has spread in recent weeks , and it blocks freedom of speech and free expression of opinion,” Rajchl added.

And he denied that the main topic – covid – was “dead”. “Believe me, no. I know the war in Ukraine has passed it now, but the problems persist. And again, the fact that the WHO is preparing here today an amendment to its constitution, which would mean that it will declare a pandemic, so that its constitution will take precedence over the Czech legal system. And if they declare a lockdown, we will have to declare it too,” Rajchl continued, saying that it is not possible for the whole world to follow one center. “Because we have to decide whether the measures are fair, proportionate and significant. Mr. Pedros cannot decide for us somewhere in Switzerland,” Rajchl said.

“We didn’t want to completely politicize the charter because we really wanted to bring together people of different opinions, different beliefs, who just joined us and stood behind us. And that’s basically such an expression of that that we would like Czech society to go. But we have basically come to a clear conclusion after these two years. And that is that all of our legal fights, all of our expert analysis, protests and demonstrations are not going to change that as long as “a clear political solution will not be found. I compare it to pushing the locomotive against you, trying to brake it, throwing sand under the wheels, but until you sit down in this locomotive and whether you drive it you will always brake it but you will not define that direction and really a solution other than political in my opinion does not exist at the moment so we decided to create a political party called Droit-Respect-Expertise, acronym PRO, and I think that it will be a new entity that will really propose common political points here that make sense for people who want to live normally. It is absolutely crucial, because now, for example, I spoke to people who were supporters of the current government of Prime Minister Fiala. I asked them what specifically he was able to do to improve their lives. No one was able to respond,” Rajchl remarked. According to Rajchl, the fact that Fiala went to Ukraine did not change his life.

“It was a nice PR trip, now they’ve opened a tour there, everyone goes there to collect PR points. That’s exactly the politics of these cheap pathetic gestures that I don’t I like when things happen, when something happens that really helps Czech citizens in this country and not that I take pictures with a helmet and a bulletproof vest on a train. It’s public relations low and cheap for me, nothing more,” he said.

Then it was about freedom of expression. “A lot of people think that if they block an opinion that they don’t like right now, that’s fine. But they don’t realize that in a moment the blocking of another opinion and another opinion will come. Now it’s a war in Ukraine. Prime Minister Fiala and a number of other government officials lied. I represent three of the blocked sites, and just claiming to be funded by Russia is a lie. I filed a complaint criminal case against the Prime Minister, of course I received beautiful political material from the Prague 10 district prosecutor’s office, I remembered this year 1985 … political situation … There really was not a word. The prime minister lied live, unequivocally, clearly and he had to take responsibility for that,” Rajchl added, that there is a one truth policy, one official truth and everything else is wrong. regarding covid and the Ukrainian conflict.

“And a lot of people don’t realize that they will block these sites today, they will block other sites tomorrow, and then others,” Rajchl said, according to him most people wanted freedom of speech . “There’s nothing without free speech. That’s where democracy stops. Once you restrict free speech – and the blocking of 29 sites is absolutely blatant, because that was without any legal basis on the basis of the decision that someone said they were spreading disinformation, based on a lie, when they said they were Russian-funded sites and that they were spreading Russian propaganda is a direct attack on democracy in our country,” he said.

“We are rushing into a very serious economic crisis, I think the biggest economic crisis of our life is what we remember. And the government does not react to this, and at the moment we come up against this, because we don’t slow down. The government could step on the brakes and turn the steering wheel, and she was rushing straight into the concrete wall, so the impact would be hard. And I would like people to perceive it and not rush on the fact that it’s kind of a darling of Babiš or Putin, but this government is responsible for it,” Rajchl stressed.

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