Fear? You understood well. Jiří Holík has no idea what Czechia would be like

18.04.2022 4:44 | Conversation

If the roosters of Russia close, the standard of living will drop, hockey legend Jiří Holík admits the veracity of Putin’s words. “For me, the equation that if we take gas and oil from Russia, we contribute to the war with Ukraine, does not fit well,” he adds. And it comes to the government’s mind that people can handle the problems ahead because they have savings. “Well, they can’t do that!” he said clearly, asking if MPs would also be sitting in the shade. He reveals what frightens him in the conflict.

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Europe is largely dependent on Russian gas, it intends to transform this dependency for once into another dependency, but in any case it will hurt many of us financially. How do you perceive the current situation of general price increases in connection with the rise in energy prices?


Are you in favor of building a NATO base on Czech territory?

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To tell the truth, I don’t quite understand why we go into these things at all costs.

Putin is right when he says that by turning off the Russian gas and oil taps, we will lower our standard of living. I know very well that he only pursues his own selfish interests, but the equation that if we take gas and oil from Russia, we contribute to the war with Ukraine, does not sit well with me. After all, it’s a business, and I think it should stay that way too – even under these circumstances.

Should EU countries act in unison against Russia?

They had why not, but you see everyone kicking for themselves. Sometimes I have to laugh at this nonsense, when now, for example, everyone is attacking Viktor Orbán. I remember that Brussels first criticized him for having built a fence against the refugees. And a few years later other states suddenly started building fences, and that was good. And this will most likely be the case with Russia’s energy consumption. Unfortunately, we only need time to come to this with our own bitter experience.

Food, energy and housing prices are soaring. How are people, especially those in low income groups, going to deal with this, won’t we suddenly have a third of the population below the poverty line? Do you feel an atmosphere of anxiety in your neighborhood?

You’re right that it’s going to be a real problem for a lot of people, and of course there are those fears and I see them. I like the way our government is approaching this issue, which states that the people of the Czech Republic have, according to information from the Minister of Finance, so many billions to trillions in savings, so they will manage everything from one way or another. Well, they can’t! Especially when they are spared, especially those who will not be so significantly affected by the price increase. But people with average salaries must have a legitimate fear.

Maybe this will teach us to save at least – I mean mainly energy…

I don’t really believe in these theses. It’s better when politicians talk about tightening our belts and tightening our belts – and how buildings will be heated to 21-16 degrees and how we will save money. But I can’t imagine the 16 degrees in the House too.

It’s the same as starting a divorcee threesome by telling you what a marriage should be like.

Very often we hear the argument that the state invests too much money in refugees from Ukraine – and the Czechs themselves will pay extra for this. What do you think?

The truth is, of course, that we will all pay for it, because it is our common money. The truth is that the state should take a little more care of its own citizens.

I congratulate the government for its exemplary care for refugees, because it is necessary and it is good, but I have the impression that it is already a bit exaggerated at the expense of our people.

What annoys you the most right now?

That I have such bad dreams. Above all, I’m afraid that one day I’ll wake up to find that our general-in-chief in his skirt has declared war on Russia.

Are you afraid of the war in Ukraine?

I am afraid that neither Russia nor Ukraine is the main factor in the conflict, but America (the United States), which was at the beginning of all this, has properly fueled the disputes and now looks at them with joy.

But we cannot ignore Putin’s manifest failure and Russia’s guilt.

Certainly not, I am really the last to defend the war and those who make it and who are in fact the aggressors. There is no doubt that Russia’s guilt is clearly there.

Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that it is still a military power, at least in terms of the number of nuclear weapons, so it would be good to stop the insults of President Biden, for example – and to do whatever it takes to negotiate peace, because that’s all about Russia and America, not Europe.

Mr. Holík, let’s change the subject, Russian and Belarusian hockey players will not participate in the next ice hockey world championship in Finland, according to the decision of the IIHF. Do you consider this to be the right decision?

No, don’t hesitate to call me back, but my opinion is that athletes should exercise. I know how much hard work and sweat it takes before you get into the national team, for example – and then it ruins your purely political reasons, which almost none of these hockey players can do anything with. I don’t think even Ovechkin would soften Putin at the moment and make no sense. And most Russians, on the other hand, would call him a traitor.

In conclusion, let’s not end up as seriously as you spend Easter?

Like every year, I look forward to the arrival of the family, so I will see you again in time, and on Monday, of course, I will kick my wife and daughter, but again, not to be sued – like in the United States (laughs).

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